Why does my car stereo cut out at high volume

Why Does My Car Stereo Cut Out at High Volume?

This question is one of the most common questions we get from DIY installers around the world. You turn your radio up to a high listening volume and the audio shuts off or the entire […]

Audio Limiter

Home Recording Tips: What is an Audio Limiter?

An audio limiter is one of the more helpful tools at a home audio producer’s disposal. Of course, before you use an audio limiter, it’s important to know exactly what it is, and how it […]

Protect your car audio system 1

How To Protect Your Car Audio System

We received this article from a car audio fan and long time fan of 4AG. Car thieves will break into almost any car if they think there’s something of value inside. Nobody can spend 24 […]

Keeping your computer quiet while recording

Home Audio Recording Tips: Keeping Your Computer Quiet

Home recording studios have come a long way, and digital recording software is now powerful enough to allow all musicians to make pro-quality recordings, almost regardless of budget. However, we’ve still got to deal with […]