KICKER Kicker 43CWR102 REVIEW – Comp R 10 Inch Subwoofer

Kicker 43CWR102 Review

If you are more of a dub-step, Rnb, hip hop or pop type of person I recommend a ported box. The sub box causes the subwoofer to react differently depending on box dimensions and whether it is sealed or non sealed. 

Kicker 43CWR102 Review – Specifications

  • Size of Kicker 43CWR102: 10 Inch Subwoofer
  • Impedance: Dual Coil 2 ohm
  • RMS (continuous power): 400 Watts
  • Max Power Rating: 800 Watts

Kicker 43CWR102 Review – WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE


As of now This kicker Comp R is my favorite 10 inch subwoofer, Couldn’t wait to do this Review! I currently run two of the Kicker 12 inch Comp R subwoofers (the 12 inch version of these) and I fell in love with the durability and sound output.

These subwoofers are definitely made for performance and very seldom do they ever blow or fry a coil.

The only drawback I have with these subwoofers are the lack of rich low end, and I know I cant expect really rich low end frequencies from a set of 10’s but I always notice the lack of these low frequencies when comparing them to 12’s or 15 inch subwoofers.

This is probably has more to do with 10 inch subwoofers in general, they are made for a brilliant bass punch that a 12 or 15 inch subwoofer cannot produce as well.

I just wanted you to keep this in mind before purchasing any 10 inch subwoofers. After reading our Kicker 43CWR102 Review you can check out our subwoofer installation guide if you have any installation questions! 

Buying the appropriate box (preferably a ported box) corrects the above mentioned issues!

Kicker 43CWR102 Review

Kicker 43CWR102 ReviewWHAT I LOVED

This subwoofer is with out a doubt one of the best 10 inch subwoofers in its class! The 2 factors that put this very near the top of its class are the durability and the build of this subwoofer, you have an extremely tough subwoofer that’s ready to take a beating.

The RMS level indicated on the box is generally lower than the actual amount of power the subwoofer can handle which is an ode to Kickers build quality.

This Kicker 43CWR102 Review had to be done, this set up that kicker has implemented into their comp series saves me about 15 minutes of installation time because the subwoofer is technically pre-wired.

Kicker 43CWR102 Review – SPECIAL FEATURE

The feature that everyone is talking about when it comes to kickers new comp series are the single (dual voice coil) terminals.

This may sound a bit confusing depending upon your experience level with subwoofers, for every voice coil in a subwoofer there are a negative and positive terminal connected to them.

What kicker did to make our lives a little easier was connect both terminals on this dual coil subwoofer and and add a switch that will allow the connection for series or parallel in order to best connect your favorite amplifier. Now, tell me that’s not awesome!

Kicker 43CWR102 Review – INSTALLATION

Kicker 43CWR102 comes in a few different sizes, power levels and resistance levels ranging from an 8 inch all the way to the Kicker 43cwr102.

Each size has a 2 Ohm and 4 ohm option available, which by the way is awesome. Since this sub is 4 ohm stable i recommend installing an amplifier that has at least a 4 ohm capability (most amps do).

For the CompR series I would also recommend an amp that is 1 Ohm stable as well due to the options on the sub terminals (1ohm, 2ohm, 4ohm and 8ohm).

 For all the DIY installers I recommend buying at least 8 gauge power and ground wires for any amp pushing the This Subwoofer, luckily Stinger makes an awesome CEA rated wiring kit for the amplifier you need which is why I had to include it in our Kicker 43CWR102 Review.

If your ready to start building your car audio system with the Kicker 10″ Comp R we’ve found the best prices here

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