Kenwood DDX672BH Review

If you are after experiencing a one of a kind entertainment and sound experience this Kenwood DDX672BH review made literally for you.

Kenwood DDX672BH is highly compatible with the famous internet radio app known as PANDORA. It offers you some of the best features you cant generally find in other stereo brand and models available.

Read on and discover more about this product and be surprised to find what you can get when you have it!

Kenwood DDX672BH Review – How is this stereo so unique?

Kenwood DDX672BH is the ultimate choice for more and more music lovers today. With this, you will enjoy built-in HD radio or optional Sirius XM broadcasts (XM tuner needed).

It is also a receiver that permits a voice dialing feature that is present in most smartphones available that work via Bluetooth.

Unparalleled sound quality is one of the best things that it can guarantee to you. Street noise is the number one enemy of every audio system installed in cars.

The inherent frequencies of the street noise will mask a huge selection of audio signal that is present in music.

This is the reason why Kenwood engineers decided to develop Drive EQ that boosts some specific frequencies within the audio signal in order to compensate the poor, negative effect of the street noise.

You can also use the graphic equalizer so you can turn the sound’s quality suitable to your personal taste.

Additional sound contouring is also available with Time Alignment feature that was specifically designed to provide balanced and optimal sound performance.

What are the Amazing Features of Kenwood DDX672BH?

Here is a breakdown of the general features of this receiver:

Kenwood DDX672BH Review

Kenwood DDX672BH Review – General Features list

  • CD/DVD receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • Motorized 6.95-inch touchscreen w/ different color button lighting
  • Built-in interior amp
  • Bluetooth for hands-free audio streaming and calling
  • Built-in tuner for HD radio
  • Complements dual-DIN dash openings
  • Xm Capability (tuner not included)
  • Backup camera capable (Get this radio with camera here)

Let’s proceed to smartphone features and other surprising components of this receiver:

Kenwood DDX672BH Review – Smartphone Features

  • Built-in iPod, iPad and iPhone controls
  • Siri voice control w/ select iPhones
  • Control and playback through USB of the music files on well-matched Android devices
  • Pandora control w/ Android and iPhone

Kenwood DDX672BH Review – Video and Audio Features

  • Able to play CDs and DVDs including flash drive devices
  • Five-band parametric equalizer w/ eight pre-set EQ curves
  • Subwoofer controls
  • High and low pass filters
  • Speaker form setting

Kenwood DDX672BH Review – What’s So Great about The Kenwood DDX672BH?

The all-new Kenwood DDX672BH is a high performing receiver that comes with all the necessary and supplementary features that you will ever want for a receiver.

This is the model that is capable of providing a back panel aux in as well as USB input for all your media devices. It also controls your iPod or iPhone directly from the touch screen.

Aside from that, it comes with Siri voice control for your device and for automatic iPhone Bluetooth pairing, making things easier and much enjoyable for you.

This model is also Sirius-XM ready and it comes with a back camera input to permit the addition of a back up camera (not included).

There are 3 pairs of 4-volt RCA pre-outs that promote supreme system structure flexibility which makes this product a more excellent choice available.