Kicker 40dcws122 Review – Dual loaded subwoofer enclosure

Kicker 40dcws122 Review

This is our 12 inch loaded subwoofer enclosure Kicker 40dcws122 Review, and honestly I have to say I like this set up, this is obviously a loaded enclosure meaning the sub enclosure comes complete with these subs.

The sub box is made with MDF which is always a recommended subwoofer box material and is fully carpeted, this is awesome for geeks who find aesthetics particularly important.

Kicker 40DCWS122 Review

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the huge port there on the left hand side of the box but boy is it useful! What this port does is create a situation where the subwoofer output is more efficient in a particular Hz range, in this application the box is tuned to 40 hertz.

The Kicker 40dcws122 subwoofers can be purchased separately without the box here but if you want a sub enclosure that is perfect for these particular subs i recommend this set up.

As usual Kicker has released 2 versions of these subwoofers to coincide with your specific application, they come in a 2ohm and 4ohm SVC or single voice coil option.

 Kicker 40dcws122 Review – Specifications

RMS: 100-600 Watts Rms per speaker

Impedance: Total 4 Ohm

Subwoofer size: 12 Inch Subwoofers

Height: 16 inches

Width: 32 inches

Depth: 18 inches

Tips on installing The Kicker 40dcws122

If you’ve purchased the Kicker 40dcws122 dual sub enclosure you might be wondering what else you might need, how much power the amp should be to power these bad boys and what wiring you should purchase.

I’ve got you covered, I went and found the best wiring to run for this particular set up and have found a respectable amp for these guys a swell.

First off, you need to understand that these subwoofers both need 600 watts RMS to operate at full efficiency and that your amp must be able to handle that. My recommendation is kickers CX1200.1 !

Before Installation you should Think About These Things

Are you installing this system into a vehicle that it will fit into? If you do not have the room for this system you might need to consider a smaller self powered system instead.

What type of system is currently in Your Vehicle?

Things like factory amplifiers can make your installation either impossible or just a bit more tricky than you first thought.

If you are not an experienced installer with some working knowledge of car audio i would not begin this installation without a wiring guide and an understanding of amplifier integration or bypass techniques.

Do you currently Have an Aftermarket Stereo?

If you have an aftermarket stereo in your vehicle currently, check the box it came in or online to see if it has RCA output channels.

Specifically, make sure it has at least 2 RCA outputs. If it does not have any Outputs for RCA than you can assume there is no Subwoofer outputs. If this is the case youll need to use a set of “RCA to speaker wire adapters”.

These adapters are used to integrate with kicker amplifiers that have an internal Hi-Lo converter. The RCA portion plugs into the kicker amplifier, the wire side connects to your speaker wires. Specifically, after your stereo and before your speakers. This option works with factory radio’s as well.

Why is The kicker CX1200.1 amplifier The recommended Amplifer.

I currently run this amplifier on a set of kicker comp r 12’s and the first thing i did is run this puppy on my oscilloscope, needless to say I was surprised at the quality of signal and I’ve been with this amp ever since.

One of the coolest things about this amp is that it has the ability to sense signal input from the RCA inputs, with this signal it will turn itself on without you running a remote turn on.

This unit also has an internal hi/lo filter (Line output converter) which allows you to install it into a factory system without having to spend 50 dollars a separate one. Its the perfect amplifier to power the kicker comp 12 dual sub enclosure. This amplifier is made for the Kicker 40dcws122.

I’ve installed these on plenty of different vehicles with a few different amps and i found a pretty cool video for a life sized comparison, enjoy!

As an FYI most factory electrical systems start to experience difficulty recharging themselves after around 1000 watts RMS, it is highly recommended that you either purchase a higher amperage alternator or a Capacitor rated at around 5 farads to produce the proper level of current for your amplifier to push your subs.

Finally Your amp wiring kit should be 4 gauge at the least, you have to figure anything over about 600 watts RMS needs 4 gauge generally and you have not one but two subs.

I like this stinger wiring kit but the kicker wire set is just as good for system like this, a bit on the pricey side for most of us but i’d rather use the good stuff than risk my amp or factory electrical system If you don’t mind the extra set of RCA’s it comes with.

Please comment any questions you have on the kicker comp 12 dual sub enclosure or any of the recommended products on this page so that i can answer them. You can also refer to our amplifier installation guide if you would like some help on installing this set up yourself.