Kicker 40TCWRT104 Review – 10″ Kicker CompRT

So this is our official Kicker 40TCWRT104 Review.

Kicker 12 Loaded Enclosure is comprised of kickers smallest sealed enclosure and their Kicker comp RT Shallow mount 10 inch subwoofer. I cant tell you how many times a day I hear “where can I get a custom sub enclosure that will fit in my pickup truck”? Well the answer is the  Kicker 40TCWRT104, This shallow mount sub offers a 800 watt peak and 400 watt RMS rating which is a respectable output for a shallow style subwoofer.

How Much Power Does The 10 Inch Kicker 40TCWRT104 Have?

Kicker 40TCWRT104 Review

I recommend 10 inch subwoofers for clients of mine depending upon the type of music they listen to and the type of vehicle they drive. A 10 inch subwoofer depending upon the type of subwoofer and the application in which it is being used, can provide the same amount of decibels that a 12 inch subwoofer or a 15 inch subwoofer can produce.  

This, like i mentioned previously depends upon a plethora of different factors. Its impossible for any car audio expert to tell you what type of sound output you will get out of a subwoofer or any audio component for that matter without first knowing the vehicle information.

For this Kicker 40TCWRT104 Review I actually took some time to compile a small list of the type of vehicles I recommend subwoofer for. The majority of the time subwoofers such as the Kicker 40TCWRT104 sound better in small cabin vehicles, such as Honda civics, Toyota corolla’s and small to medium sized pickup trucks.

  • Small 2 door coupe style vehicles
  • Small to Medium sized pickup trucks
  • Small 4 door sport vehicles
  • Mid sized luxury sedans
  • extended cab trucks

Why is the  Kicker 40TCWRT104 loaded subwoofer enclosure perfect for trucks?

The  Kicker 40TCWRT104 is perfect for pickup trucks and small 2 seated vehicles that would like a strong amount of kick.

The small shallow mount subwoofer fits perfectly into the shallow sized enclosure allowing for a perfect fit in small spaces. This enclosure is about half the size as a standard subwoofer enclosure but gives you the deep bass that you need as-well.

I would have to say my favorite thing to do when installing these enclosures is to take out the subwoofer and mount the box behind the rear seat-backs or under the seat-bottoms, then I mount the subwoofer back into the enclosure in order to protect them from sliding around and damaging themselves or something else.

Kicker 40TCWRT104 Installation Tips

As always I recommend purchasing an amplifier based off of the RMS level as apposed to the peak level, the RMS level on speakers are the safe parameters the sub/ in car speaker or amp can produce.

Being a 500 watt RMS sub I recommend a between a 300 to 600 watt amp. Assuming your running a pretty efficient class D amp the closer you get to the recommended 600 watt rated amp the better.Lastly, You will need a wiring kit to install this amp, I recommend at-least an 8 gauge kit but if you are in need one we almost always recommend Stingers 8 gauge kits.



  • BOX DEPTH: 3-9/16
  • BOX HEIGHT: 11-7/16
  • BOX WIDTH: 19-5/16
 Kicker 40TCWRT104