About Us

In short, we are a couple of car audio geeks That decided to put our knowledge together and share it with everyone else interested on a car audio reviews site. We are all Mobile Audio Certified professional Car audio installers and have an average of 10 years in this field.The coolest thing about car audio is the fact that there are literally hundreds of brands and twice as many moguls! This is literally the reason we are in this field, we believe that you can accomplish the sound you want without spending an arm and a leg.
We started off in car audio sales in order to gain an understanding of the product and moved up to installing later on (for different companies), as the love grew we grew more and more intertwined in this field.

Throughout our careers in car audio we’ve noticed that most companies do not fully explain or understand the products that they sell, this forces the customer to go back home and do research for themselves.

As a company that sells a product it is your job to fully understand what you sell, it is your job to offer full solutions to the customer.

When a customer hops onto the internet they are looking for reviews and or better prices, with that being said we now have to question the quality of the information they are being directed to.

Lets face it, any one can spend $500 on a full car audio package on amazon.com but does that mean they’ll like it? Does that mean they understand what they are purchasing?

It absolutely does not! Our mission is to provide you with the information that car audio shops around the world fail to provide , correct information and a professional opinion. We find the best prices and tell you exactly where to find the product your looking for inside our car audio reviews.


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