Kicker PF150C09


The kicker PF150C09 is one of the most genius factory audio upgrades on the market as of now. Its fairly new to the market and there isn’t much accurate information on it, I recently installed the kicker PF150C09 in an 09 ford F-150 a few weeks ago with no issues and loved it.

One of the cool things about this kicker package is that it saves a lot of money, most premium sound packages from ford cost around $5,000 easily and most of the time my clients end up coming to me to have a more efficient subwoofer added on and sometimes they even ask to have the factory system completely removed.

Kicker PF150C09 – What does the package include?

The kicker PF150C09 premium audio package comes with a 200 watt 4 channel amplifier, an 8 inch subwoofer with its own amplifier and all needed factory mounting brackets and wires. All wires and connectors are made to connect to the factory audio system with no drilling or cutting needed.

kicker PF150C09
  • 200 watt 4 channel amplifier.
  • All mounting brackets needed.
  • Zip ties and wire holders for installation.
  • High performance Kicker subwoofer.
  • Subwoofer amplifier with mounting brackets.

Kicker PF150C09 – How will it improve my current sound quality?

Kicker PF150C09

I could literally make a 5 page review on how this unit will increase the sound quality you currently have whether you currently have the factory premium package or the base model sound system.

The most important features this system contributes to your vehicle are the location of the included subwoofer, the quality of the amplifiers and the work Kicker did to make sure it sounds the best in all Ford SuperCrew trucks 09-up.

The first thing kicker did was find suitable locations to mount this package into the your vehicle, as I mentioned above every part of this package fits into a factory location inside your vehicle maintain the factory look and feel of your truck.

Another thing they did was tune this entire system to all Ford f-150 Super Crew trucks so that the kicker PF150C09 will sound its best in your vehicle. Lastly, The accuracy and quality of sound from both amplifiers is expanded and digitally tuned giving you 32 bit sound quality that far exceeds the factory systems sound quality.

Kicker PF150C09 –  How easy is it to install?

kicker PF150C09

In the box you will notice some mounting cables and a few wire harnesses. They are all made to clip right on to the wires that are already in your vehicle. the subwoofer however does require you to lift up your right rear seat bottom in order to mount it but it fits right under the seat with no modifications needed.

The amplifier is mounted under the drivers side knee bolster (right by the hood latch). The only thing you need to do is screw it down to the holes that were already pre-drilled from the factory. After your amplifier is mounted you may now connect the speaker input and output harness. I didn’t use the in depth instructions Kicker supplied because I was in a little bit of a hurry doing this install.

After everything is installed you’ll notice a huge increase in sound quality, also make note that this amplified system does not drain your vehicles electrical system and you are also able to install aftermarket products such as aftermarket radios and aftermarket speakers without messing up any factory options or voiding any warranties!

Kicker PF150C09