Which audio system should I buy for my car? A single DIN or a double DIN?

Lets make some sense out of this question. A single din or a double din?

There are a few things to think about. The first thing id have to ask a customer with this question is what their budget is. While single din stereos range from about $49.99 to about $300 double dins can be a lot more expensive, typically ranging from about $100 to about $1,100 on the high end.

Ease of use is something to think about also. Consider if it is important for you to be able to just press quick physical button and turn physical knobs, this is something you usually cannot do on double dins. Double dins usually require a longer set up time and a bit more focus.

Double Din

  • Generally comes with a touch screen interface
  • More audio options
  • video playback capabilities
  • Rear view camera add on options
  • extended Equalizer settings
  • harder install

Single Din

  • Smaller (half the size)
  • Easier to use
  • less features
  • easier to install

Our Professional Answer

Before you make a choice you need to be sure that your vehicle has the means to house a double din. Some vehicles cannot house a standard double din. The are alternative options for those who do want a touch screen but don’t have the space.

We always recommend a double din for customers that both like the options and have the budget for it. Double dins are superior.

We always recommend a single din for customers that like simplicity and don’t care to spend over $100 on a car stereo.