How to Connect USB to A Car Stereo That Does Not Have USB?

There are many ways that you can add on a usb to your factory system without having a USB slot currently available.

Some of the options are more expensive than others, and some take a bit more time to set up in your vehicle. So the question is how much are you looking to spend and how would you like the USB option to look after it is installed.

add usb to vehicle

Quick Plug and Play option

This option is the least expensive and its also the easiest way to add on a USB option. With this option you basically plug this unit into the cigarette lighter and plug your usb in for charging.

This unit also gives you bluetooth connectivity to your stereo, charging capabilities and voice command options.

This makes sense if:

  • You want to save some money
  • want to add this option to other vehicles
  • Easy install

bluetooth adding on

More in depth option with factory look

This is by far my favorite option. With this option you have to get a bit more in-depth with the installation. This is also more expensive, but it will allow you to make it look more factory and retain the standard look the car has.

Installation requires a couple of parts that don’t come with this module. They are called forward and reverse antenna adapters. These adapters allow you to steal you antennas signal to devote it to the bluetooth audio that comes from your phone for calls and media.