The Best 4-Channel Amplifier For Harley Davidson Bikes

We believe that the best 4 channel amplifier on the market for Harley Davidson riders is the Focal FDP Sport. They are in high demand and have been for a long time now, as they should be. There are a few things to unpack here, so ill explain why we came to this agreement.

Best 4 channel amp for Harley Davidson

True Harley fanatics would always look for ways to make the already fabulous experience more exciting. There are plenty of ideas to improve your Harley’s sound system for an exciting, fun ride with friends.

The first option is to add an aftermarket stereo to feed the amplifiers and speakers. Next, you can work on catering the demands of the speakers with a compact and powerful amplifier.

You can always run the sound system with two speakers but adding more to the rear is a great idea. This is where a 4-channel amplifier would help you with the option for expandability.

While there are numerous options for motorcycle amps you can get for your Harley, choosing the right one is essential to be able to enhance its audio system to the maximum possible.

In this post, we talk about one of the best 4-channel amps for Harley Davidson and try to explore its features to help you understand what makes it the best option in our opinion.

Picking an Amplifier for your Harley

Motorcycle sound systems can be upgraded using an amplifier that delivers a more powerful sound with the amplification of sound signals coming from the vehicle’s speakers.

There are numerous features and factors you should take into consideration when picking an amp for your motorcycle. When it comes to Harley Davidson, 4-channel amps with the right compatibility and RMS power rating are the preferable choices.

One of the best options for Harley system upgrade is the Focal FDP Sport 4-channel amplifier from the world’s most popular audio company.

This amp claims to be the most powerful motorcycle amplifier on the market with a rating of 250 watts per channel at 2 ohms. With 1000 watts of power, this amp is sure to deliver excellent performance to make your ride more enjoyable with uninterrupted music.

Let us take a closer look at the amp specifications, features and performance to understand how this device can make your Harley better.

Best 4 channel amp for Harley Davidson

Focal FDP Sport

A compact and power-packed amplifier from Focal, the FDP Sport delivers an impressive sound quality with zero noise. The four-channel amp comes with a custom aluminum heatsink with a brushed hairline finish and a beveled edge that makes it a great fit for different models of Harley Davidson.

Focal FDP Sport Highlights

  • Fits perfectly in the fairing of the your Harley Bagger.
  • Uses Molex plugs for connections that help to eliminate water intrusion.
  • All wires are long enough to reach the speakers in bags and power supply.
  • OFC (oxygen free aluminum) wiring harness!
  • Can run this amp down to 2 ohm.
  • Can run it as a 2 channel or 3 channel.
  • Can run 2 channels and have optional 3rd channel for a subwoofer.
  • Harness comes with the factory Harley Davidson radio plug already integrated.


Rated to deliver 175 watts per channel at 4-ohm loads, the FDP Sport amp allows bridging the two pairs of channels to power a pair of speakers or subwoofers with up to 500 watts delivered to each.

The amplifier features speaker-level inputs that allow up to 18 volts of signal without having to use an external converter.

The amp offers gain control for each pair of channels. The front channels have adjustable high-pass crossover which you can set to a frequency in the range of 10-150 Hz.

The rear channels can also be configured in low or high pass modes between the frequencies of 45 to 150 Hz. All the channels can be set to the full range as well.

You can set the crossover slopes to either first or second-order while the bridge switch makes sure a cumulative signal is available for the channels you bridge.

The Focal FDP can be used with two or four channels of input by selecting the mode with the switch. Finally, you get an option to duplicate the signal from the front to the rear channels if you prefer to use the two-channel signal source.

  • 175 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
  • 240 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
  • 2 Channel Bridge mode 500 watts RMS
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 95 dB
  • Gain 200mv – 19v
  • Frequency Response 20Hz – 30KHz
Best 4 channel amp for Harley Davidson


Designed in California, the Focal FDP Sport features a compact design and packs a punch with incredible power. It measures 1.625 x 8.25 x 5 inches and can be easily mounted on the designated position on the Harley bikes.

To make installation easier, it even comes with a custom Harley-style plug and play connectors. It even offers regular RCA style input connectors. All the configuration and tuning controls, as well as the electrical connections, are kept along the back panel to keep the setup convenient and clutter-free.

To connect to the power, the device provides an 8-pin high-current Molex connector with 8 gauge cables. Such a small amplifier could encounter short thermal times which is dealt with using an automatic signal reduction system.

This technology makes sure the available power reduces until the amp cools down and then resumes the operation. This means you never encounter any interruption in the music.

The amp includes thermal overload, error detection for short circuit, DC offset and polarity reversal. It also offers two mounting feet options to let you integrate it easily into the motorcycle.

It also provides a set of input and output speaker harnesses and RCA input harness. To get the current from the battery to the device, the ground and power cable connects to a 4-pin Molex connector.


The amplifier meets all the specifications given by the brand and performs as expected. The FDP Sport also comes with a clip limiting circuit that keeps the device from getting overdriven to prevent any distortion.

It is a serious amplifier that works with high-end speakers and the power output demands some serious current. This is why it is important to use it with the right speakers and ensure adequate current.

This amp delivers an impressive stereo separation to deliver a noise-free music experience while riding.

Best 4 channel amp for Harley Davidson


The Focal 4-channel amplifier is certainly the best choice for your Harley. It sounds amazing, gives huge power, and is small enough to fit conveniently.

It comes with everything you need to install and get started. If you are thinking about upgrading your beast’s music system, the Focal FDP Sport is undoubtedly the way to go.