Pioneer FH-X720BT Review

Pioneer FH-X720BT review

The pioneer fh-x720bt 2-din cd receiver with mixtrax and bluetooth is a double din car stereo with smartphone options such as USB charging and media playback options, AUX input for media playback as well as Bluetooth audio streaming.

One of the main reasons this stereo catches attention is the fact that is NOT A TOUCH SCREEN. This stereo is sized to fit as a double din without the fancy touch screen. But this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, In-fact most people who use this stereo like its simple and easy to see interface.

While there is a huge group of car audio enthusiasts that believe a touch screen radio is the only way to go, there is also a huge group of enthusiasts that believe that a non touch screen interface is a lot better.


Pioneer FH-X720BT Pro’s

Pioneer fh-x720bt Pro’s

In terms of a double din non touch screen stereo this unit would be perfect! The interface is easy to use and has a majority of the options users need while they are on the go like bluetooth, Aux, USB and an advanced sound retriever for way above average sound quality.

While it is a mid end car radio there are also some “not so mid end” features like the 2 volt RCA output for subwoofers that can be fully controlled from this stereo. We’re talking subwoofer loudness options and a fully controllable low-pass filter!

Aside from the sound options, Pioneer also launched this pioneer stereo with variable color changing options to make the screen fully customization and match your factory colors. If your crazy about aesthetics like I am then you’ll find this to be pretty cool also.


Pioneer FH-X720BT Cons

I do have just a few con’s for this pioneer stereo, they aren’t too detrimental but they are con’s none the less. The first being the lack of Android compatibility. So far iv’e been able to get all of 2 different android devices to work via USB for media playback. I mean, it works perfectly for USB charging just not for USB media playback.

Another option that isnt present in this unit is Sirius Radio. If this radio worked with Android devices via USB and came pre-loaded with Sirius XM radio it would easily go from a solid mid-end radio to a high end radio. Adding these two options alone would send it up in the ranks!


Pioneer FH-X720BT Smartphone Features

  • 1 Amp USB charging port
  • USB port with IPhone MP3 and charging connectivity
  • USB charges Android devices but DOES NOT allow for MP3 connectivity
  • Bluetooth music streaming and music playback for Android and IPhone
  • Aux plugin for music playback
  • Siri command with the press of a button

Pioneer FH X720BT review

Pioneer FH-X720BT Audio Capabilities

  • 2 Volt RCA output
  • Front and rear RCA (low Level) output
  • 5 band equalizer
  • 3 levels of loudness
  • Subwoofer control with loudness setting with lowpass filter options
  • 50 watts peak x 4 overall power
  • 24-Bit D/A converter
  • AM and FM

Pioneer FH X720BT review

Pioneer FH-X720BT Wiring Diagram

Pioneer FH-X720BT Wiring Diagram

Pioneer FH-X720BT Wiring Instructions

Wiring instructions for almost every Pioneer Car Stereo are pretty much the same. (follow the picture guide above).

You have your speaker wires, your power wires and an illumination wire. When wiring up this harness remember that for the most part you are literally just matching color to color between the pioneer harness and your after market wiring harness.

Remember, these instructions only apply to installations done between your pioneer harness and your aftermarket harness that connects to your factory harness. NOT YOUR FACTORY HARNESS.

After wiring up the harness its time to start assembling your aftermarket dash kit. If you need help installing your pioneer radio take a look at our Radio Installation guide where we walk you through a stereo installation step by step.