How To Make More Money With Lyft and Uber – Sound System Upgrade

Giving Your Customers A More Enjoyable Experience is the perfect LyFt Driver Strategy

How To Make More Money With Lyft and Uber

The majority of the things I believe are important for your driving business have to do with cleanliness. But, we are car audio geeks, everything has to do with mobile electronics for us.

There are 5 things that I believe a good lyft driver should pay attention to if he or she would like to offer the perfect Lyft experience.

  • A clean washed car
  • A clean and vacuumed interior
  • A clean and outgoing driver
  • A time conscious driver (Aims to get customer to destination promptly)
  • An enjoyable ride

Number 5 is a pretty big one for most Lyft and Uber customers, and can change a little bit depending upon personality type or the mood of your customer.

So, while I was discussing a recent experience with some of my car audio buddies I came up with an idea that im pretty sure has already been done. At least on a small scale.

I believe if you are a Lyft or Uber driver especially in downtown or in inner city area’s you should invest in some sort of car audio upgrade and here’s why.

How Can A Sound System Upgrade Help A Lyft Or Uber Driver Make More Money?

An audio system upgrade can help you out in a number of ways, depending on the area you tend to work in and the type of customers you tend to get.

In most cities the area you tend to get the most traffic is near colleges, downtown areas and Airports. The downtown areas and the areas close to colleges tend to get you a ton of business from the younger crowd.

This crowd usually loves music and your various forms of technology. They are a huge part of the rideshare and car audio market!

Lyft Uber Driver Strategies – Updating Your Car Stereo

The younger crowd is also more likely to give you a rating, whether your rating is good or bad is up to you.

Something as small as a touch screen radio upgrade can give you and your customer something to discuss or even offer them a chance to link their phones to listen to their own phones music while you give them a ride around town.

Updating your vehicles radio to a more up to date or advanced stereo offers more opportunities to drive safer with options like “Apple Car-Play” and “Android Auto”.

These options allow you to keep your phone mounted on your dash while you command your stereo via your voice. We’re talking voice calls, Voice text messages, Siri, Google search, Maps and media playback all being done with your voice!

The majority of these stereos range from 300-1200 dollars. They are generally touch screen stereos and are pretty easy to install yourself if you have the right tools.

I did a quick Amazon search to find some of the best selling car stereos with the features I mentioned above, narrowed them down by price and this is what i came up with. Way better than I thought. After you purchase your stereo let us teach you how to install it!

Lyft Uber Driver Strategies – Update Your Car Speakers

This is where it gets a little more intricate. Your car speakers are made to produce mid bass and high frequencies, not the type of low frequencies that subwoofers produce.

I mentioned this first to help you start to understand what your current Lyft or Uber vehicle may or may not be lacking.

If your vehicles speakers sound good while listening at high volumes as well as low volumes you might not need new car speakers.

I would definitely test them out with different genres of music, your customers will probably be into a alot of different music that you may or may not have heard before.

If you notice that your music tends to get a bit distorted at higher volumes this might be because your factory speakers aren’t made to be turned up that high.

Also take under consideration the Rms rating of the factory radio and the the factory car speakers, they are more than likely very low powered unless you have the premium audio system.

If you are looking to swap out your current speakers for some higher quality speakers I recommend visiting Amazon’s Vehicle fit guide. They allow you to literally build your own system from top to bottom! 

Uber Lyft Driver Strategies – Adding A Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your Uber or Lyft vehicle can make a huge difference by itself a lot of the time. There are certain vehicles that have pretty good factory sound systems, you turn the volume up and and everything sounds really clear.

But, even though the sound quality of your factory system is clear it will lack the fulfilling bass that an aftermarket subwoofer can produce.

Subwoofers come in a few different sizes, the size does not make a huge difference but it does determine the frequency range it can produce.

Generally the bigger subwoofer the lower the frequency. Keep in mind that humans are only able to hear certain frequencies, so don’t be prepared to blow your customers ears to oblivion!

Before picking out a subwoofer its important that you think about the amount of bass you want and how much space in your trunk you are willing to give up.

If your would like some head turning bass I recommend atleast two 12 inch subwoofers with somewhere around 1000 watts to 15000 watts RMS.

If you are looking to just add a little bit of bass so that your system sounds more balanced if recommend a single 10 inch or 12 inch subwoofer with about 300 to 500 watts RMS.

I’ve searched around for some subwoofer packages that have all of the components you need, here is what we came up with.

If you have any questions in terms of installation or what parts you might need take a look at our Installation guide!