Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review

The Pioneer AVH-4100NEX is a highly intuitive premium 7 inch removable touch screen car stereo that allows you to enjoy music, maps and smart options from your smart phone without actually using your smartphone.

Both Android and Apple devices can be wirelessly paired with this radio to create a high quality, safe and enjoyable driving experience.

The Pioneer AVH-4100NEX double din touch screen car stereo hit the market hard in a time when stereos were starting to lack uniqueness. This unit flew off of the shelves immediately because of its screen quality and size, the mechanical screen on these stereos changed the way customers used their radios indefinitely.

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Display Specifications

  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Screen resolution: WVGA 800 x 480
  • Background designs: 13
  • Display colors: 5
  • Removable motorized tilt screen


Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Bluetooth Specifications

  • Hands Free Profile: HFP 1.6
  • Audio Video Remote control Profile: AVRCP 1.4
Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Smartphone Specifications

  • Apple Car Play: Works with Iphone 5
  • Pandora: Works with Iphone and Android
  • AppRadio Mode: Works Android and Iphone
  • Wireless In-App Control: AHA Radio and Pandora
  • Pioneer Mirror Link: Works with Android


Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Expandibilty options

  • Dual Usb connections behind radio
  • Dual audio and video composite inputs (Watching movies)
  • Single Aux input for smart phones and MP3 players behind radio
  • SD card memory input (16 gig limit)

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Pros

Without a question the first thing that we hear customers say about this stereo is that they love the way the screen was made! I mean, the quality of the screen, the brightness and saturation of the display is still among the best in most cases. The other thing that we hear alot about is how much customers love the ability to tilt and remove the screen!

Lets not leave out the google maps, high quality bluetooth audio and the in depth sound customization options. This unit was not built to be a standard touch screen contender, we are talking 13 band equalizer complete with high pass and low pass filters.

Subwoofers and big-time quality car audio set-ups are a dream with this thing! The Pioneer 4100NEX has 5 separate 3 volt RCA output channels for any amplifier to preform its best. That being said, it has all of the options and settings you need to control and tune your amplifier on the fly.

In terms of audio features we can talk all day long, there are tons of features loaded into this radio.

What I think it all comes down to for most car audio enthusiasts and for people just getting a new radio is the sound and build quality and how easy this radio is to use. Ill answer that in just a few short words, Its a Pioneer Radio. You can almost always expect the most features packed tightly into a well built stereo with an easy to use interface from them.

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Cons

We generally do not review stereos with a long list of cons, this would be a waste of our viewers time in our opinion.

When you install car stereos professionally you tend to install certain models multiple times throughout its lifespan on the market. After a while you start to notice issues either with the installation or the equipment itself. I’ve noticed a few issues, none of them are real issues luckily.

the first thing i dislike about this radio isn’t so much an issue with this radio in particular but the entire pioneer touch screen radio collection. when you are installing this radio you will notice a purple wire with a white stripe on it (reverse signal for backup camera).

This wire has a ridiculously small zip tie wrapped around it in order to further differentiate itself from rear right speaker output wires. Every installer I’ve ever met hates it (LOL). I know, very minuscule but in my defense I am not the only installer to complain!

The last con has the potential to be a bit more important.

As i discussed earlier on in this Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Review this radio has a motorized screen that can open, close and tilt to your convenience. There have been a few times when this radio had issues tilting, opening or closing because of the cars dash hitting the screen on the way out.

Doesn’t happen often at all, but when it does happen you don’t find out that it will be an issue until the end of the install. So, to save time we test fit the radio before we even start to solder wires. This can save you a headache if you need to return it and swap out online or at a store with a radio that will fit.