Kenwood dnx994s Review

Kenwood dnx994s Review

Kenwood dnx994s Review

Advancement in technology has led to the evolution of newer pieces of equipment for vehicles. One of the latest innovations in the car entertainment industry is the head unit which now comes in impressive double DIN models. The development being new can make it difficult for users to determine which model is the best pick for them. To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed one of the best options for a double DIN car stereo head unit.

Kenwood is a leading manufacturer of automotive audio equipment. They’ve been around for decades and recently turned their focus towards offering high-end automotive systems catering to drivers looking for added convenience.

Kenwood DNX994S Is one of the many systems available on the market today that we will continue to recommend. There isn’t a feature today that is not present on this stereo. The DNX994S is awesome!

Those who are in search of a premium multimedia receiver with best-in-class audio quality and navigation would surely find Kenwood DNX994S an excellent choice for their vehicle.

Featuring a large 6.95” touchscreen display, Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Garmin navigation and Bluetooth functionality and backed by a two-year warranty, the DNX994S is surely one of the best-equipped head unit receivers in the market.

Kenwood DNX994S Features

The Kenwood DNX994S offers a user-friendly control through a 7-inch multi-touch display, accurate GPS guidance and amazing smartphone integration along with a wealth of additional audio features that set this model apart from its competitors in terms of audio quality.

Intuitive Smartphone Integration

Kenwood dnx994s Review

The DNX994S multimedia receiver features Apple Car Play for a safer and smarter interface to operate the iPhone. It is possible to talk to Siri or touch the display to get directions from Apple Maps, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to voicemail and music in a way that lets you stay focused while driving.

It also combines the intuitive voice-controlled interface of Android Auto with superior sound quality and large touch screen to make an ideal complement for the in-car entertainment experience. Choose music stored in your device or stream it from Google Play Music, Apple Music or Spotify. Play podcasts or audio books from the smart phone for better entertainment.

On-Board Navigation

With integrated Garmin powered navigation software and map data, the Kenwood DNX994S features on-screen maps including more than 6 million POIs including attractions, airports, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, parking and more. The on-board navigation system provides calculated on-screen routes and audible directions to be followed to reach the destination. The head unit features Photo-Real Junction View, Lane Assist,Speed Limit Icon and Exit Services to assist you along the calculated route to the destination.

Entertainment Connectivity Options

Kenwood dnx994s Review

Kenwood DNX994S receiver allows accessing Spotify and Pandora music services through the connected iPhone via Bluetooth or USB or any Bluetooth connected Android smartphone. The receiver is SiriusXM Ready and compatible with the Sirius XM Connect Vehicle Tuner which lets you access more than 175 channels through subscription.

The built-in HD radio tuner enables receiving AM/FM broadcasts from local stations. The receiver comes with CD/DVD player, SD card slot and dual USB ports to let you play music and video files from a wide range of sources. It is compatible with a variety of file formats including AAC, WMA, PCM and MP3 audio files as wellas WMV, MKV, MPEG4 and FLV video files.

Built-in Bluetooth

The Kenwood DNX994S features built-in Bluetooth to let you make and receive phone calls wirelessly through the receiver while streaming music from the smartphone.

It allows pairing up to ten Bluetooth-enabled devices to the head unit and Dual Phone Connection feature ensures two phones remain connected to the device at the same time with easy switching.

iDataLink Integration

The Kenwood navigation receiver is compatible with the iDataLink Maestro module to retain factory parking sensors, backup camera or satellite radio receiver or access tire pressure and battery voltage information on the display screen.

Excellent Sound Quality

With a 5-volt pre amp signal, the receiver produces the highest quality audio whether playing from a factory speaker system or an upgraded unit. The head unit provides low and high pass filters necessary for high-end audio quality.

It also features a 13-band equalizer with a sensor that enables hearing music in road noise. From advanced sound tuning capabilities and additional sound staging system to Drive EQ and high-quality sound parts, this model features everything to deliver a high-end sound quality and experience.

Dual Input Camera

This Kenwood model allows connecting two cameras to let you see more when in tight traffic spots. If you have a pair of rear-view cameras, it is possible to reverse the image of one of them to the front to get a realistic view.

Parking guide lines appearing on any backup camera image make parking safe and easy. Dash Cam Ready functionality allows connecting DRV-N520 to record every event on the road in HD video.


  • Includes some of the best expansive capabilities
  • Features the best RMS watts speaker output
  • Offers a variety of audio features
  • Glossy, capacitive touch panel
  • Multi-language menu
  • Built-in Garmin navigation
  • Parking guide line, lane assist, photo real junction view
  • Support for a wide range of audio and video files
  • Built-in HD radio, Sirius XM Ready and AM/FM support
  • Android Rapid Charge
  • Built-in Bluetooth, voice control, dual phone connection
  • 2-year warranty


  • Somewhat on the expensive side
  • USB compatibility is not up to the mark
  • Navigation needs improvement

What’s in the Package

DVD receiver with touchscreen monitor and remote control.

Trim ring, trim panel, wiring harness.

USB extension cables.

GPS antenna.

Microphone with bracket.


Self-adhesive pad.

Warranty card.

Instruction manual.

Final Thoughts

Those who are interested in upgrading their vehicles with the latest entertainment,connectivity and safety technologies available should consider Kenwood DNX994S.

It is an amazing choice for a head unit which, installed on your dashboard, gives you a wealth of options for entertainment and information right at the fingertips.