Kenwood Excelon dpx792bh Review

The Official Kenwood Excelon dpx792bh Review

Kenwood Excelon dpx792bh Review

Car stereos represent the latest advancement in digital technology. Smartphones have recently become the most popular source of listening to music in cars and elsewhere. Due to this shift, head units which let you enjoy the benefits of your phone right on your car’s dashboard have started creating a buzz.

The best head units don’t just create a high-quality sound but they also incorporate the latest trends in the entertainment industry. They try to make your music listening experience as easy and convenient as possible.

You may have your own requirements and preferences when choosing a head unit as a replacement for your factory stereo. With a large number of options available in the market, it can become difficult to choose the right model for your vehicle.

To help you with this, we have reviewed one of the best double DIN receivers from Kenwood, the Excelon DPX792BH and considered its features and offerings. Read on to find out what this latest head unit from the best car entertainment equipment brand has to offer you.

If you are looking for a way to replace all your car stereo components, the Kenwood Excelon DPX792BH is an excellent choice. It is one of the Kenwood’s bestselling double DIN head units and is designed keeping the convenience and requirements of the driver in mind. Made with the larger 4-inch tall dash openings in mind, the receiver gives a big display, big controls and a big music variety.


Built-in Bluetooth

Kenwood Excelon dpx792bh Review

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the Kenwood Excelon DPX792BH makes it possible to make and answer calls wireless-ly through the receiver and stream music from the smartphone to the head unit. You can pair up to ten Bluetooth enabled devices to the head unit with a maximum of two phones at the same time. Switching between devices is quite simple. The receiver supports Bluetooth communication for the smartphone.

The receiver controls can be used to dial a number,answer and end calls. External microphone lets you carry on the conversation while listening through the vehicle speakers. The receiver also supports wireless music playback and control of a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or audio player and displays song/artist information on the screen. You can stream the stored library or music apps on the phone to the receiver for playback.

Smartphone Integration

Simply install the Music Play app on the Android smartphone and connect it to the receiver to start controlling the music from the head unit. It also offers iPhone Direct connection with features like music navigation, audio playback, information display and Apple device charging when connected through USB. The iPod/iPhone Mode lets you control your phone or iPod from the touchscreen while having access to the basic playback controls.

When paired through Bluetooth, the receiver has the ability to access your iPhone’s Siri through the controls and microphone. Siri’s voice will be heard through the speakers.

All the functions including music search, hands-free calling, audible navigation, text messaging and reminders can be performed through the head unit. When you ask Siri to get directions to a destination, instructions will be heard through the speakers while the head unit display shows the map.

Music Options

Kenwood Excelon dpx792bh Review

The Kenwood Excelon DPX792BH lets you access the iHeart Radio and Pandora music services through your iPhone or Android phone connected via Bluetooth or USB. The receiver is Sirius XM Ready and works with the Sirius XM Connect Vehicle Tuner that gives access to more than 175 channels.

With integrated HD Radio tuner, the receiver allows enjoying AM/FM broadcasts from participating local stations. HD Radio delivers optimum quality digital sound with information about the music displayed on the screen.

You can also play music from CD drives, USB mass storage devices and audio players in a variety of formats including AAC, WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC and more.


The receiver features a variable color display with button illumination. It offers 24 preset colors to choose from and even allows custom setting.

The head unit also displays a 12 or 24-hour clock with day while showing the song, artist or station information. You can adjust the brightness of the screen and button illumination.

Sound Experience

Being a part of the Excelon series, the DPX792BH incorporates the latest tech to deliver the highest sonic performance. Powerful MOSFET amplifier guarantees more power and louder music at higher volumes.

You get a variety of audio management options to enhance your music experience further. Using the 13 band equalizer, you can adjust the music to your own taste. Drive EQ boosts particular frequencies to overcome road noise which can affect your music.

It features three pairs of RCA pre-amp outputs which send a clean and high-voltage signal to any amp in your system and allows adjusting the audio levels and crossover points for the outputs.

Remote Control

The DPX792BH comes with a remote control for wireless operation and it allows controlling all the functions of the head unit. It also features OEM steering wheel compatibility which lets you retain the vehicle’s factory radio steering wheel controls.


  • Built-in Bluetooth hands-free and wireless audio streaming
  • Dual phone connection
  • Allows connecting five device sat a time
  • Built-in HD radio
  • Multi-language menu
  • Spotify and Pandora control for iPhone and Android
  • Sirius XM Ready
  • Powerful amp for amazing sound quality
  • Support for a wide variety of audio and video files
  • 2-years warranty


  • Difficult to view in sunlight
  • Navigating through the menu is time-consuming

What’s In the Package

Double DIN radio

Remote control

Wiring harness

External microphone

Mounting hardware

Instruction manual

Mounting cage

Warranty card

Final Thoughts

An amazing choice for a premium stereo replacement, the Kenwood Excelon DPX792BH comes loaded with a plethora of features that make your in-car music experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Those who are looking for a better way to use their smartphone for music and a safer way to operate the phone while driving should definitely consider this double DIN head unit which can be installed easily in your existing dash to open doors to a whole new world of in-car entertainment.