Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles

TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detection Review

Best Radar Detectors For Motorbikes

A radar detector is a device used by motorists to stay warned about police presence or the use of speed detection hardware. Devices used by traffic police to gauge a driver’s speed from a distance, radar guns,usually operate on radio waves which radar detectors warn you off based on the proximity.

With such a vast array of radar and laser detection systems available in the market, getting the right product for your bike can be a tough decision as it requires some research to find out which one meets your requirements in your budge One of the best options for a motorbike radar detector is the TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detection system from Adaptive Technologies.

Though not so popular in the market, it is one of the best products money can buy for your motorcycle. It is designed to save you a lot of money with amazing features which detect any band used by the policemen. Today, we review the TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detector in detail and consider its features,pros and cons to help you find out if it is the right choice for you.

The most advanced radar detection system available for motorcycles, the TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detection comes with more functions and increased sensitivity than the previous models. With the inclusion of a complete electronics overhaul, the radar detector offers a blistering performance and is ranked among the top performing detectors in the market.

With the TPX system, you will no longer have to try to make automotive radar detectors work for your motorcycle. Apart from all the motorcycle-specific radar detection features, the system includes update-able GPS data points for Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras. The data points are regularly updated and available free of charge.

The TPX Pro Radar Design

Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles

Designed keeping motorcyclists in mind, the TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detector is shock, vibration and water resistant. It includes large buttons for convenience even when wearing gloves and riding. The large, angled LCD top positioned screen allows viewing from any riding position and is also visible in direct sunlight.It is portable and can be carried to lunch stop to avoid any theft. Such portability also means it can be used on multiple bikes and an included car mount lets you use it even in your car.

The main console of the system is designed to be used in conjunction with TPX Visual Alert or TPX Wireless Headset. It also features a 3.5 mm mono aux output jack to facilitate integration with other communication systems or audio devices. It fetches power directly from the vehicle’s battery through the included Wiring Harness.

The TPX Pro Radar Usability

Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles

The system detects all the police radar and laser bands and is certified for performance by a leading laboratory in the field of radar detector testing, Speed Measurement Labs. When riding down the road, the motorcyclist is not able to hear much due to wind and nobody would want to take the eyes off the road. This is why the brand has made Wireless Headset and Visual Alert important components of the system.

The optional Wireless Headset works with most helmets and alerts the rider about any detected radar or laser signals through a flat speaker sitting inside the helmet. It comes with adjustable settings to let you adjust the volume to hear the alerts regardless of the noise outside.

The Visual Alert is a component that comes included with the system and can be easily mounted anywhere on the motorcycle for convenient viewing. It features bright LED lights that flash upon detection of laser signals and radars so that riders will not need to take their eyes off the road to look into the screen. It has adjustable brightness,letting you see it even in direct sunlight and night light.

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The water-resistant construction of the radar detection system means you need not worry about protecting it from rain. It includes a Quick-Release Mount Plate that attaches to any mount and a heavy duty Wiring Harness connecting easily to the bike’s power source, making installation simple and quick. The radar detection function can be easily disabled in areas where use of radar detector is prohibited.

The TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detection system is great at avoiding false threats as it detects only the electromagnetic waves coming from speed or laser guns used by police. It uses an advanced False-Alert-Reduction technology that alerts only when it detects a real threat.


  • Radar Frequencies: X Band – 10.5 – 10.55 GHz, K Band – 24.050 – 24.250 GHz, Ka Band – 33.4 – 36 GHz
  • Wireless Transmitter Frequency: 418 MHz
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 2.9” x 1.9”
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Laser Wavelength: 910 nm
  • Power Requirements: 12V DC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20⁰ C to +70⁰C

Key Features

  • Detection of all police radars and laser bands
  • Speed camera and red light camera data-points
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Vibration resistant and waterproof
  • Includes ultra-bright adjustable LED alert
  • Front-mounted, angled LCD with daylight visibility
  • Includes wiring harness
  • Simple, quick, plug and play installation
  • Big, back lit, glove-friendly buttons
  • 360-degree radar and laser protection
  • Optional wireless headset and car mount kit

Included in the Package

  • Detector Unit
  • Wiring Harness
  • Visual Alert
  • Data point Download USB Cable
  • Quick-Release Mount Plate
  • Zip Ties

In Conclusion…

Overall, the TPX Pro Radar & Laser Detection system from Adaptive Technologies is an excellent choice for motorcyclists interested in saving on tickets while riding on city roads and highways.

It is an affordable product with a wide range of exciting features that deliver genuine radar and laser gun alerts so that you can control your speed on time to save from being caught by police. Advanced technology, reliable performance and outstanding features make this system the perfect solution for motorcycles and the best motorcycle radar detector in the market.