How to Stop Subwoofer From Rattling House – Muffling Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a speaker designed to play low-frequency sounds, and is often responsible for the low thumping bass that can be heard as part of an audio system.

Because the sound produced by a subwoofer is so powerful, it often penetrates nearby walls and floors, sometimes causing vibrations, which can disturb neighbors or roommates.

You can “tame” your subwoofer by muffling it, which will allow you to enjoy its deep bass sounds without disturbing other individuals in the nearby vicinity.

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Positioning Your Subwoofer

Step 1: Reposition the subwoofer so that it is not in direct contact with a wall, which will not only carry the sounds into the next apartment or room, but also carry over vibrations, which could cause dishes to rattle or pictures to shake.

Scoot the subwoofer away from the wall –

The farther away, the better. Also consider placing the subwoofer on top of some type of stand, such as on top of your entertainment center, which will reduce the amount of noise that travels through the floor.

Absorbing Material

Step 2: Place a soft, sound-absorbing material under, around, or behind the subwoofer if you can’t move it away from the walls or floor. Such material includes thick fabric, which will slow the travel of sound waves and help absorb vibrations.

Foam, which can be cut and shaved into whatever shape you’d like, can also be used. For example, cut a square of foam and etch the center inwards slightly using a knife, then press it against the back of your subwoofer, allowing the foam to separate it from the wall. This will help reduce noise carry-over.

Using Your Surroundings

Step 3: Use the surroundings in your room to muffle the subwoofer, which is arguably the most visually-appealing method. For example, if your sofa is high enough, consider placing the subwoofer beneath your sofa.

The couch will act as a sound barrier, helping contain the bass sounds. In addition, it will allow you to feel the vibrations from the audio as they travel up the sofa, perhaps making for a more surreal, enjoyable movie-watching experience.