Alpine Power Pack Review

Alpine power pack review

The Alpine power pack without a doubt is one of the most convenient and powerful amplifiers on the market.

the alpine power pack is a 4 channel class D amplifier that generates between 30 and 45 watts RMS depending upon the stereo and the power level of your battery.

The first thing that blew me away about this amplifier is the size, how can something soo small be soo efficient and powerful? So i decided to install it for a customer and see what it sounded like, I installed it in line with a factory radio and factory speakers. This unit was almost ear bleeding clear!

Since i had about a foot of space i mounted it behind the factory radio and drilled self tappers threw the plastic wall that the radio mounts to, additionally, heat dissipation is know longer an issue with mini d class amps so i don’t need to worry about this amp running hot and bricking.

Alpine Power Pack Review – Features

The reason the alpine power pack is such a huge deal in the car audio world is based upon its size and wiring capabilities.

This amp has a low level and high level input option and a standard wiring harness out put so any DIY installer can install it with little to any issues.

The rca connection for the input can be cut off in order to use the bare speaker wire on the radios harness creating a high level input option if you aren’t using an aftermarket stereo or if your stereo only has one set of RCA pre outs behind it.

Besides the Hi/low input option the alpine power pack also has built in high pass filters that allow you to set a slope for your front and rear speakers, they also went one step higher by allowing you to set the high pass crossover separately for the fronts and the rears.

This is very important for sound quality because most vehicles have more than one size speaker and each size has it own crossover perimeters and its own frequency range it can reproduce clearly at loud volumes without the speakers popping or distorting.

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Alpine power pack review

Alpine Power Pack Review – Specs

  • 45 Watts x 4 AT 4Ω/2Ω
  • 90 Watts x 2 AT 4Ω Bridged

As mentioned above this amplifier can be ran traditionally using all four channels separately or by bridging all four channels into a two channel configuration.

When doing this you must realize that the total output between the two channels now are 90 Watts from each speaker. 

During Specialized installs into factory amplifier locations and special amp bypass jobs the alpine power pack shines the most, mainly because of the easy to use input and output gain settings and small size.

The alpine KTP-445U is only 7 inches long, 1 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches wide and comes with its own power wiring and everything needed to get started.

If you would like to use low level input from behind your aftermarket stereo you might need to buy 2 sets of RCA signal wires that will allow you to extend if need be to a different location.

Lastly in terms of specs I have to discuss the sound quality, with an 86db signal to noise ratio this amp is expected to increase the sound quality to over 150% better if installed correctly.

Alpine power pack review

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I’ve used this 2 channel configuration on the factory premium amplified systems for corvettes and newer mustangs with the factory subwoofers.

The cool thing I was able to do was bypass the factory amplifier and use two Alpine Power Packs, I bridged the 1st one for the corvette for the door speakers.

The front door speakers on alot of the newer corvettes and camero’s are actually high powered subwoofers, I set the low pass filter option on the bottom of the amplifier and set the input and out put gain settings aswell and it sounded great.

alpine power pack review