Amplifier Installation, Troubleshoot and Bypass Resource page

We took some time to create a list of parts needed to Install, Bypass and troubleshoot your amplifier whether it is factory or aftermarket.

This list is pretty strait forward. We listed the tools youll need on the left side of the chart, on the right youll see what these tools should be used for. Each product will have a link to check its price on Amazon for you.

ToolAmplifier BypassAmp InstallationAmp Troubleshoot
Digital MultimeterHow To Test A Car Amplifier With A MultimeterNeededneededNeeded
Phase CheckerNeededNeeded
Aux to Rca AdapterNeeded
Wire DiagramNeeded
Electrical TapeNeeded
Soldering GunOptional
But ConnectorsOptional
Crimpers Optional Optional
Tiny Flat Head DriverNeeded Optional
Panel Removal Tools Optional Needed
Wire StrippersNeededoptional
Wire CuttersNeededNeeded

An Explanation Of The Tools Needed For Amplifier Installations, Bypasses and Troubleshooting

We listed a few of the tools from above that we felt that we should explain a bit more.

How To Test A Car Amplifier With A Multimeter

Digital Multimeter– A digital multi meter is an important tool for trouble shooting, installations and bypasses. For example during an installation of an amplifier you should always test for the proper ground.

If your ground isn’t on point you will more than likely experience distortion at high volumes along with a few other things. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the proper input and output wires for an amplifier bypass, its next to impossible.

Don’t even get me started on trouble shooting, If you are trying to verify a voltage drop or find out if your remote turn on is functioning properly you need a meter for sure. There really aren’t too many things you WONT need a meter for.

Phase Checker – Phase checker’s are good for a few things. If you are installing aftermarket speakers into a system and retaining the factory wires you can remove the factory speaker and pulse it using this tool! This thing has saved me a bunch of time.

Another situation id use a phase checker in would be during an amp bypass. What ill do is identify the speaker wires on the output side of the factory amplifier and then pulse them to check for the negative and positive speaker wires.

Crimping Tool – A crimping tool is important tool for Stereo, Speaker and amplifier installs These tools are used to connect wires to each other if you are not soldering.

Crimping tools can double as wire cutters if need them to depending on the size of wires but they are primarily used to crimp down on wire connectors such as but connectors and crimp caps.

Aux To RCA Adapter – This tool isn’t used as much. I generally use this tool to check signal input problems to an amplifier. For example, Lets say the amplifier is on and fully powered but there is no sound coming from the speakers.

I would grab an AUX To RCA Adapter and plug into the amplifiers input with the Aux side connected to my phone. If music comes from the speakers at this point I can assume that my stereo or the RCA wires coming from my stereo are the problem.