2005 – 2008 Toyota Matrix Radio Removal

Remove Your Factory 2005 – 2008 Toyota Matrix Radio

    1. Turn your vehicle off
    2. Grab your thin tip plastic panel removal tool and start to carefully pop the dash cover from the bottom right side. Move up about 2 inches at a time if new to DIY dash removals.
    3. After panel is un-clipped fully, disconnect all harnesses from the rear EXCEPT “AIR BAG HARNESS”.
    4. Set panel on top of dash with a small cloth under as to not scratch dashboard.
    5. Remove all four 10 mil bolts holding the radio in. You’ll need a magnetic 10 millimeter socket for the bolt on the right deeper inside of the dash. If your socket is not magnetic just loosen the bolt up 90% of the way and slowly slide radio out.
    6. Loosen plastic clip on the left side to fully allow the radio to slide away from the dash.
    7. Lastly unplug all of the harnesses from the rear of the radio by pressing down on the small levers on the harnesses plug.

2005 - 2008 Toyota Matrix Radio Removal

    While dash is disassembled do not start vehicle, especially if you disconnected the air bag harness.