Viper 5706V Review

Viper-5706V Review

This viper 5706v review will show you the features that you can get when you purchase and install the Viper security with remote start system. It is the third generation Responder system that comes with SST 1 Mile Range and new priority text and icons that can be seen 20 percent larger in a liquid crystal eye display.

Viper 5706v Review – What is in the box?

  • Micro-USB recharging which is the slimmest remote display offered in the market today
  • an instructional manual
  • An on board lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • a warranty card
  • Alarm wiring
  • Alarm siren
  • Hood trigger lever
  • Dual stage shock sensor

The below video will demonstrate how the viper 5706v works, it will also demonstrate how all of the options this alarm with remote start work as well as how you can easily use them.

Viper 5706V Installation Notes

This Viper security with remote start system is advanced and wont be to easy to install for people who have no experience in car audio or car electrical systems, in fact it took me about a year to fully understand remote start systems and how they should be installed properly.

If you do not have any experience with these types of systems I recommend that you contact a credible local installation shop, such as Best Buy for the proper installation and possible additional parts that are needed.

Our Experience Installing The Viper 5706v

This is probably the most installed viper security remote start system to date here at our shop. The remotes come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and the alarms brain comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you have a certified installation company preform the installation.

I can honestly say the only issue I’ve ever had after installing these systems have to do with user error, haven’t really had any issues with the functionality of this system.

Viper 5706V Review – Features

This Viper security remote start system allows you to monitor and command your vehicle like never before and it is very simple and easy to use. Aside from that, it also contains clear text messages on a larger clear LCD screen. It is also built-in with five-button control for 24 functions in each car.

The screen on the main remote functions beautifully and its three times bigger than most other led screens. It is undeniably the best and the most sophisticated one mile range LCD remote ever.

The Viper 5706v is also equipped with the all-new technology platform advances. You can actually see the temperature inside your vehicle before you walk into the freezing cold or scorching hot. If ever it is not warm inside your car, you can make use of the remote start system and set a virtual temperature in your vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting your car is running either because it comes with a vibration, an audible tone on the screen in order for you to see the run time which is usually set for around 12 minutes.

If anything happens in your vehicle or to your vehicle the Responder LC3 is going to immediately notify you if you are within the 1 mile range by utilizing the remote siren tones in the inside of your pocket.

Viper 5706V Review

Viper 5706v Review – Incorporated Platform Features

Aside from the many technology platforms that 5706v Viper security with remote start system has, it also contains other amazing features such as the D2D Serial Data Port that offers installers a plug and play connection to the other interfaces.

It also has a virtual tach that does not require any tachometer wire connection, Flex Relays that eliminate the need to add relays.

A control center that makes the switch easy to locate and eliminates the drilling of any holes found in the dash as well as the priority features and interface which includes Timer Start, Tempcheck, SmartStart, Runtime Reset as well as the Silent Mode which allows you to arm your vehicle without a chirp from your siren.

Viper 5706V Review