Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier Review

Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier top side view

When it comes to adding an amplifier to your car music system, there are so many options available in the market. Some will add a small boost of bass to your system, others will change your life. 

One of the best choices for an advanced component that takes your experience to another level, Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier is worth taking a look at.  

In this guide, let us take a closer look at this model to understand what you can expect from it.

Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier Review – UPDATED 2022 

An amplifier is undoubtedly the heart of your car’s sound system; it provides the power the system components require to work together and perform their best.  

Though you can have a good-sounding music system without a dedicated amplifier, you are likely to miss the subterranean bass response the amp can deliver. A bass amplifier is a must for those who like to have a rumbling bass frequency in their music experience.  

Taramps is a tech-driven electronics brand that walks on the path of revolution and innovation ever since it was established. It has introduced the SMART BASS Line of amplifiers with breakthrough technology and performance for car audio systems.  

An exciting feature of these models is the multi-impedance function that makes it possible to work from 0.5 to 2 ohms in one amplifier. These are mono amplifiers with power ranging from 3000W to 5000W RMS. 

The Smart 5 amplifier is a new addition to this line and is designed specifically for car audio systems. It is a single-channel, multi-impedance, class D amplifier delivering 5000W RMS in impedance between 0.5 and 2 ohms.


  • Dimensions – 8.97 x 2.75 x 16.85 inches (WxHxD) 
  • Weight – 11.24 lbs 
  • Max power – 5000W RMS at 12.6V  
  • Frequency response – 10Hz – 8kHz (-3dB) 
  • Input sensitivity – 0.22V – 4V 
  • Signal to noise ratio – >90dB 
  • Bass boost – 0-10dB at 35Hz-55Hz 
  • Input impedance – 10K ohms 


Let us take a look at some of the most impressive features of this mono amplifier from Taramps.  

Class D – The amplifier is class D which means it is energy efficient and won’t overheat even when run for hours together. This will save you money in the long run.  

Huge Power – Taramps Smart 5 is equipped with a powerful 5000W motor that enables it to deliver up to 12,000 RPM. Such huge power allows easy cleanup and faster blending. 

New Technology – Designed with the latest technology, this amp packs a lot of power in a tiny unit. Power Control System ensures greater safety and performance.  

Volume Unit Meter – The exclusive VU feature of the amp displays the output level in real-time. It also comes with a LED clip monitor for those who like traditional light indicators.  

Robust Connector – The powerful connector allows using larger gauge power cables for better performance and efficiency. The Smart 5 is an exclusive Taramps model with one of the best cost-benefit ratios in the car audio industry.  

Adjustable Gain – The amplifier comes with an input gain adjustment that facilitates using players up to 4 volt RMS output level.

Taramps Smart 5 Dyno Test Information 

The amp’s dyno settings are –  

  • Gain matched to head unit with 7dB overlap for test 
  • High Pass set to minimum, LPF set to max 
  • Bass Boost set to minimum 

Dyno Test Results 

1.3 ohms mono rated 5000W @126VDC 

Certified – 6121 Watts into 1.33 ohms at 13.92 VDC 

Uncertified – 6253 Watts into 1.33 ohms at 13.93 VDC 

Dynamic – 9378 Watts into 1.33 ohms at 14.34 VDC 

Efficiency – 85%

4 ohms mono rated 2900W @126VDC 

Certified – Measures to 1% THD 

Result – 3613 Watts into 4 ohms at 14.31 VDC 

Uncertified – Measures to Clipping 

Result – 3646 Watts into 4 ohms at 14.25 VDC 

Dynamic – IHF-202 Standard (dynamic power) 

Result – 3386 Watts into 4 ohms at 14.41 VDC 

Efficiency – 85.3% 

2 ohms mono rated 5000W @126VDC 

Certified – 6125 Watts into 2 ohms at 13.87 VDC 

Uncertified – 6220 Watts into 2 ohms at 13.96 VDC 

Dynamic – 7019 Watts into 2 ohms at 14.58 VDC 

Efficiency – 82.2% 

Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier Review side view

How To Install  – Quick Tips and Tricks

The Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier comes with all the components and accessories and a user manual that explains in detail the installation process and the steps to get started.  

The manual covers the features, functions, and instructions to solve any doubts one may have during the installation.  

The manual recommends getting the product installed by a qualified professional. Here are some other recommendations mentioned in the manual: 

  • Any connection to the amp input or output should be made when the unit is off. 
  • The polarity of wiring for power supply, minimum speaker impedance, and loudspeakers must be checked. 
  • All the fuses must be installed to protect against overloading. The circuit breaker should be installed as close to the battery as possible and sized up to suit the amp. 
  • The amp should be installed in a firm, well-ventilated area. 
  • The gauge of wire should be used as recommended in the manual. Using wire gauges lower than the specified value results in overheating and power loss.  
  • The signal cable should be installed away from the wire harness to avoid interference. 

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What is Included In the Box? 

The product includes  

  • the Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier 
  • Warranty card 
  • Remote indicator 
  • Cables 
  • Battery  

Pros & Cons  


  • Multi-impedance 
  • RCA input for up to 4VRMS 
  • Smart technology 
  • Efficiency  
  • Incredible power 
  • Cool operation 
  • Smart LEDs 
  • Auto-restart protection 
  • Power connector for cables up to 2/0 AWG 
  • RAMP audio initialization  
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Loud fans 
  • Crossovers  
  • Single RCA input 


The Taramps Smart 5 Bass Amplifier is a powerful amp loaded with the highest performance and technology for car audio systems.  

It has a unique design with impressive features and specifications that make it an excellent addition to any music system for the bass you desire in your experience. You can also take a look at how this amp stacks up against our other favorite amplifiers by checking out some of our other amp reviews!