Klipsch The Three Review – UPDATED 2019

Klipsch The Three Review
Klipsch The Three Review

Klipsch The Three Review

The Home Audio market is flooded with all kinds of wireless music devices. Wireless speakers, whether portable or stationary, have become a big deal to every music enthusiast.

One of the best wireless speakers currently available is The Three from Klipsch.

The Three forms part of the Heritage Line of products manufactured by Klipsch, a brand held in high regard throughout the USA.

The Three was initially launched as a tabletop speaker in 2017 but has since undergone changes resulting in an improved product and more connectivity options.

Klipsch creates wireless speakers of high quality, which appeals to the modern music listener.

Power Rating60 watts RMS / 80 Watts Peak power
Frequency Response 45Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB
Audio InputOnly Wireless (Bluetooth)
Enclosure StyleSealed (non ported)
Voltage 110/240 VAC

Aesthetics, sound quality and enhanced connectivity are all part of The Three’s appeal and will be discussed in more detail.

On the surface both the original model and the version released late in 2018 look very similar. The differences are subtle and most lie within the hardware.

The original model released in 2017 featured input portals and Wi-Fi or aptX Bluetooth connectivity. It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and can be connected directly to a record player.

The later model of The Three does not have any input portals and relies only on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility, although aptX is no longer supported.

Google Assistant and Google Chromecast is built into the model making it even easier to use The Three.

Aesthetic Appeal

Klipsch was inspired by modern mid-century effects for The Three. The speaker is aesthetically pleasing with a wide box-like shape.

The Three features a wooden top and bottom made from either walnut or ebony wood. The grille part surrounding the speaker is made from textured linen and varies in design, depending on the type of wood finish.

Steel finishing completes the wireless speaker with minimal buttons to give a seamless look. There are various color options available and designs are slightly different from each other.

The Three conveys a message of a premium wireless speaker, which becomes a fashionable addition to any room.

Speaker Features

The Three is a sturdy wireless speaker with a mass of over 10 pounds. It takes up quite a bit of space measuring 13.7” wide, 7” deep and 8” in height.

It can be moved around but should preferably be left in one place. It is not durable enough to be moved frequently and can sustain damage.

The Three contains one subwoofer of 5.25” for lower frequencies, while the mid and high frequency are run through two drivers of 2.25”.

The base sound is further enhanced by two passive radiators of 5.25” each. The drivers in The Three provide power of up to 60W continuous and short peak power of 80W.

B=Operating buttons are located at the top and back of the speaker. A toggle switch is used for putting The Three on and off. Dials are available for the volume and to switch between connectivity options.

The older model features extra input options. A reset button is located on the back to set it back to factory default. The Three has buttons to pair with other devices.

Google Assistant is a built-in feature of The Three. Two microphones have been placed at the top of the speaker box.

Waking up Google Assistant is easily done by saying “Hey Google” or tapping the button specifically for this purpose. It will also provide information regarding news, weather and sports.

Klipsch The Three Connectivity

Klipsch The Three
Klipsch The Three With Google Assistant

The latest version of The Three supports Bluetooth V4.1 and A2DP profile. It can connect with Wi-Fi to stream audio from online sources, such as Youtube, Spotify, Deezer and Google Music.

Multi-room systems can be assembled from additional speakers with Google Assistant, making it possible to control other smart devices.

The button to pair the speaker with a bluetooth device works with ease and know pairing problems were experienced. The LEDs on the speaker clearly indicate connections.

Some connectivity is lost when moving away from the speaker but only in cases where there are several walls in between The Three and the paired device.

The addition of Google Chromecast allows audio streaming from Chromecast devices, providing the ability to play higher resolution music.

Up to 192kHz/24 bits can be decoded by the speaker, making it possible to listen to sites such as Tidal. This is a key feature as Chromecast music is of better quality than traditional singles.

The Klipsch streaming app is a handy tool to have for playing music. It is user friendly and makes the Wi-Fi connection more stable. A delay between the app and speaker has been noted, however, this could be a fault with the app that can easily be rectified.


The stereo sound is more than adequate but does taper off if you move behind the speaker. This is due to the speakers all being front-facing and not an all-round system. It still provides exceptional clarity and sound. The sound conveys warmth but can be slightly tin-like at times.

The Three has excellent depth to its sound and is suitable for all music genres. A wide range of music can be played without picking up any strange sounds. The synth pads of the bass is excellent and the sound did not thin out at any time.

Klipsch The Three Review


The Three comes standard with certain accessories, depending on the model. The box contains a power cable and a remote. The remote seems a bit cheaper but is not needed to operate The Three.

Using the app is much easier and directly accessible, rendering the remote redundant. A 3.5mm auxiliary cable and USB cable is also in the box.

Klipsch has delivered an excellent wireless speaker in The Three, considering all the details to make it an appealing item. The speaker is pleasing to the eye and delivers high-quality sound.

Rich tones and easy connectivity make The Three a great addition to any room. The ability to sync with multi-room speakers and Google Assistant capabilities allows The Three to stand apart from its competitors.