Klipsch Heresy III Review – UPDATED 2019

Klipsch Heresy III Review – Though one shortest floor-standing speakers, the Klipsch Heresy III is powerful enough to outrun numerous tower models.

While a speaker known for over five years can barely be considered noteworthy in this age of disposable technology, Klipsch Heresy exists since 1957 and Heresy III is designed to outshine the most contemporary high-end speakers across many areas of consideration.

Heresy is a compact, three-way design that makes use of horn-loaded compression drivers for the reproduction of midrange and treble and a direct radiating 12-inch woofer for low frequencies.

Klipsch Heresy III Review

In this post, we take a closer look at the loudspeaker to learn about its features and performance and find out if it is the right choice for you.

Klipsch has worked on the classic design and introduced the new Heresy III as a modern take on the time-tested design that uses new titanium diaphragm compression driver, large-magnet tweeter and more powerful woofer to deliver an up-to-date sound. It also comes with dual speaker inputs to allow bi-amping or bi-wiring for greater performance.


  • Power Handling – 100 Watts max
  • Frequency Response – 58 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance – 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity – 99dB
  • Weight – 44lbs
  • Dimensions – 15 ½” W x 23 7/8” H x 7/16” D


Featuring a vintage design and short height, the Klipsch Heresy III speakers are small and designed to sit on the floor. It is made one at a time in Hope, Arkansas by hand.

The speaker comes in Black, Walnut or Cherry wood veneer finish and features an angled riser base to be placed on floor and can be removed for installations.


3-Way Design – The Heresy III loudspeaker has a three-way design powered by horn-loaded compression drivers that deliver treble and midrange reproduction and a direct radiating 12-inch woofer that handles low frequencies.

The 1-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver uses a Tractrix horn to deliver smoother response with better extension and powerful dynamics.

The second 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm driver uses exponential horn to deliver accurate, detailed midrange sound. The fiber-composite cone woofer has a treated cloth surround for additional flexibility and efficiency.

MDF Enclosure – Heresy III loudspeaker features a solid MDF cabinet to minimize panel vibrations that color sound. The suspension design accounts for natural sound reproduction.

Dual Binding Post Terminals – The loudspeaker features two sets of binding post terminals connected by jumpers. This allows bi-wiring or bi-amping the speakers. The terminals work with pin connectors, banana plugs, bare wire or spade connectors.

Heritage Series – The speaker belongs to the Heritage Series handmade in the USA in Hope Arkansas. Each loudspeaker in the series features proprietary technology to deliver a live music experience into the home. They are available in a variety of high-quality wood veneers.

The proprietary horn technology is efficient and delivers accurate sound with less distortion resulting in clear and loud audio. It directs sound accurately to proper locations creating a soundstage without any wastage of energy. Soft sounds are produced with great clarity without any harness with a maximum range between loud and soft sounds.

Placement – The Klipsch Heresy III loudspeaker performs well in different conditions. Floor placement delivers high levels of low bass and slant riser base helps make up for the short height. It is possible to remove the riser to install on a cabinet or shelf. Self-stick rubber pads attach to the bottom to avoid scratches from hard surfaces.


The bass and dynamic impact of the loudspeaker are amazing due to its 12-inch woofer. Vocals it produces have more fullness than larger speakers.

The Heresy III does not require a lot of power to make a big sound. It is quite efficient and can play loud with 10watts as well but it handles 400W on peaks.

When played at live concert volume, the speaker fills the room with a rock concert sound which can be expected from bigger, more expensive speakers.

They sound balanced and cohesive. Acoustic and electric bass instruments are served well by the speaker. The speakers sound more detailed and clearer as compared to any other.

What’s In The Box

What's In The Box
What’s In The Box
  • Floor-Standing loudspeaker
  • Owner’s manual
  • Detachable grille
  • Base riser
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Klipsch brochure

Bottom Line

The USA-made vinyl speakers feature gorgeous wood veneer and spectacular craftsmanship. The vintage-inspired loudspeaker delivers an outstanding sound that fills the room.  They are built to last a lifetime. They deliver a natural, clear and impressive sound that any music enthusiast would desire and hence a great choice for a speaker.