Kenwood Kdc-X599 Review

Are you looking for a new CD receiver or your first CD receiver? If so, then our Kenwood kdc-x599 review is something you should check out and read through, this unit might be the one for you.

The X599 from Kenwood is sure to give you the best features a standard kenwood CD receiver has to offer, This is an excellent step up from a low end cd receiver but because of the features it might even be considered a good step up from alot of the high end single din receivers.

Without a doubt a great first investment on a car radio. It is currently the latest single din cd receivers from Kenwood and is considered the best by a lot of car audio moguls around the world when compared to other single din CD receivers in its class on the market today.

What Makes Kenwood kdc-x599 Different from Other CD Receiver?

Our foraudiogeeks Kenwood kdc-x599 review is something that everyone should read to get to know more about the benefits of using the Kenwood kdc-x599 in anyone’s car and enjoy the experience of using it to avoid boring rides and elevate your car audio system.

It is packed with features that anyone would love exploring. When it comes to delivering quality audio and smartphone features I have to say, for a standard single din cd receiver this guy can do both very efficiently.

Unlike other CD receivers that only have a handful of functions or may require complicated connections, this receiver comes with simple to use features fit for anyone to use immediately and easily after installation.

This is important, everybody who buys CD receivers  aren’t car audio geeks like we are!

This radio comes with a maximum output power of 50watts x 4 with its MOSFET Power IC. The X559 is designed with a front AUX input and a USB interface input that comes with a cool slide protection cover. The level of the subwoofer output is also adjustable and is compatible to play any music format.

Why Get The Kenwood kdc-x599?

As anyone who has owned an aftermarket CD receiver in their vehicle would say, they have their own list of downsides when it comes to the old versions of CD receivers.

We try not to install any receivers made before 2012, anything older than that tends to be sluggish and glitchy.

However, with the latest CD receiver line from Kenwood things have changed for the better, the x559 comes with modern specifications that resolve most if not all of the common downsides older CD receivers had.

Among the most notable new features of the kdc-x599 is its TDF or Theft Deterrent Faceplate. It also comes with a CD cover or door that protects the interior of the product from dust accumulation.

Kenwood kdc-x599 review

What are the Features of Kenwood kdc-x599?

Hopefully our Kenwood kdc-x599 review was helpful for those who want to understand and learn about more of the features of this unit.

Some of the features of this product are its variable colored LCD display, variable color illumination and its mixed present and music search memory function.

  • Graphic equalizer is tailored to provide sound quality matching your taste
  • CD cover or door was adopted to prevent dust accumulation
  • Variable color illumination allows you to select the color or make your own sets that can match the lighting on your dashboard or depending on your mood
  • Bluetooth technology allows you to play music and send/receive calls from your mobile devices
  • USB cable for connecting your phone or usb thumb drive for music playback and charging on the CD receiver

These are just some of the reasons why this product is something worth your investment.

Overall, you will not regret purchasing this stereo if you are looking to upgrade an older single din radio or your factory radio that just doesn’t have the more modern features you need to make driving enjoyable.

Reading this Kenwood kdc-x599 review make sure you think about some of the features your current stereo has, also think about what features it may be missing.

Kenwood Kdc-X599 Review