Pioneer Avh-4200nex Review

Entering or have already been in the premium car audio scene? Are you looking for a quality sound source (stereo)? or do you just like quality technology? This Pioneer radio should definitely be on your list of at-least middle end touch screen devices.

They recreated their screen in order to provide a sharper image for the driver. They also made features like making calls, using android and apple maps, listening to music or even customizing your sound system even easier, these features are now available with a single touch or even uttering a word via voice command.

What pioneer did with this radio makes sense!

take a deeper look into our geek approved Pioneer avh-4200nex review and we will list some specs and reasoning as to why the Pioneer avh-4200nex is something that you should at-least consider for your vehicle.

This unit comes with a lot of features that offer the convenience of navigating in your car safely and quickly via the simplest gestures possible.

Pioneer Avh-4200nex Review: Features

Once you know the features of the product, you will get to know how convenient it is especially when used in your car. Check out the following specifications:

  • It has a 6.2” touch screen that gives you more space in accessing any Pioneer approved app that you want.
  • Google and Siri voice control function.
  • Bluetooth features that make it easy to stream music or phone calls from your handheld gadget.
  • Customizing the interface is not a problem as it comes with in depth customization features.
  • Designed with high end HD radio Tuner for impressive FM/Am experience.
  • USB extension on its rear for easy connection for flash drive and smart phone. (Iphone and Android)
  • rear view camera input is also available.

These are just some of the features that you will learn to love from this Pioneer avh-4200nex. Reading through this entire Pioneer avh-4200nex review, we will detail some more pros and cons.

We did have a few Cons after installing a couple of these units over the last several months. None that were super important, I mean its Pioneer not Pyle : ).

Pioneer Avh-4200nex Review: Pros

Some of the pros that you would love in the Pioneer avh-4200nex are the following:

  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The display is clear and bright, which allows you to see the interface clearly. (clearer than last years model!)
  • It is equipped with impressive radio functions.
  • The sound quality is at its best.
  • You will not experience lag from switching from one app to another.
  • It allows smartphone integration.
  • It comes with various add on choices. Examples: Steering wheel controls, Backup camera, Sirius XM.

You’ll be glad that you have chosen the product as a new partner gadget when driving.

Pioneer Avh-4200nex Review: Cons

Though there are a lot of positive things to say about the Pioneer avh-4200nex, there are some cons that my installer buddies and other users have noted about it. Some of these cons are as follows:

  • For those with more than 200 contact, loading the contacts may take some time.
  • The display off and track up button have a close distance from each other, which makes it necessary to carefully tap on their option. There are some who encountered problems when accessing each button, so you may want to carefully tap your option to choose the right button.

These cons are considered minor and will only need some patience for people to use the product in the most convenient and effective way possible.

ForAudioGeeks.Com Conclusion

This Pioneer avh-4200nex review will tell you some of the positive and negative things about the product but overall.

You can see that it comes with a lot of advantages that will make you want to try it. It is definitely a huge step up from factory and a step down from VERY few radios.

Pioneer AVH-4200nex review