Alpine CDE-193BT Review – UPDATED 2019

Alpine CDE-193BT Review – The Alpine CDE-193BT single din is indeed one of the best car stereo’s available in the market.

It is a combination of various useful and cool features such as opening message customization, a professional sound equalization, digital time correction and a 3-way crossover, all of this coupled with the latest Bluetooth technology.

The steering wheel remote control is absolutely perfect and can fit itself in almost any vehicle. The stereo provides approximately 150000 different variations of colours for illumination apart from easy and adjustable buttons. 

Alpine CDE-193BT Review
Alpine CDE-193BT Review

Equipped with an active crossover, which can efficiently adjust the high pass filter and the low pass filter of each band along with its slope.

The BassEngine Pro Customization features provide various functions like Digital Time Correction, factory EQ Pre-set, crossover, 9 Band Parametric EQ, three 2 Volts Pre-outs and a 24-bit DAC.

With built-in Bluetooth, you can always enjoy hands-free phone operation such as the ability to hold and switch incoming calls, various phonebook functions, easier control of music playback and search options.

The unit also supports USB and AUX input, with which you can expand your music collection and listen to all your favourite music from any of your devices. You can also connect a music player to this device with its 3.5mm mini jack.

For iPhone users, you can use its voice control features and activate Siri on your iPhone, or any other iOS device.


  • Built-in latest technology Bluetooth module
  • USB Compatibility for iPod/iPhone and other android phones also
  • 4 x 50W High Power Amplifier
  • 13 Segments RGB LCD Display
  • Variable RGB Illumination Buttons with variable RGB colour display
  • Source key with adjustable brightness
  • Opening Screen Customization available
  • High Grade Audiophile Design
  • 3 Pre-Outs (2Volts for Front, Rear and Subwoofer)
  • 24-bit DAC
  • AUX Input (3.5mm mini jack)
  • Direct connect Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
  • OEM Sub-display ready
  • Fader & Balance: Source Change Fade-In
  • -20dB Mute (only via remote control)
  • Remote Control Ready
  • 7 different menu Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
  • Detachable DIN Trim Plate and face plate
  • Power Antenna Lead
  • Start-Stop Engine unaffected   

Alpine CDE-193BT – Installation Tips

Installing the Alpine CDE-193BT is very easy. With the operating and instruction manual, you have very detailed step-by-step instructions at hand, to assist you during the whole installation process.

Follow these instructions to the T and you will have no problems at all while installation or even removal of the system.

Audio Specs

There is a reason why the Alpine CDE-193BT is still among the best car stereos available in the market. The sound quality this particular model is capable of delivering is unmatched to any other product within this range.

It uses a 24-bit D/A converter which delivers superb sound quality without compromising on playback of your favourite music.

Equipped with 4.0 volts’ pre-outs for the front, rear and sub, which can be used for external amplification.

The unit is also equipped with a high-pass crossover for both its front and rear speakers and preamp outputs. You can even set its high-pass filter to various frequencies such as 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz or Off, which is the full-range. The same is also available with low-pass cross-over for subwoofer preamp output.

There are 11 different equalizer settings. Starting from Rock, News, Jazz, Flat, Country, User, Classical, Easy Listening, Electric Dance, or Hip-Hop, etc.

It even has a user pre-set with a 3-band equalizer and you can adjust the bass, mid, and treble with the same.

You can also listen to Pandora music, by simply installing its free app on either your iPhone or Android phone, by connecting your Alpine CDE-193BT via Bluetooth you can access all sorts of music from Pandora.

The Alpine CDE-193BT is also compatible with SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner, with which you can easily enjoy more than 140+ SiriusXM channels it has to offer.

The audio system also features a built-in AM/FM tuner with all three manual, seek and pre-set tuning. This tuner can deliver up to 18 FM and 12 AM radio stations. Its Radio Data System (RDS) features will display all the radio broadcast related information such as the artists and tracks that will be playing.  

The built-in amplifier used in the Alpine CDE-139BT is also CTA-2006 compliant for mobile amplifier power testing and measurements.

Smartphone Options

You can listen to your favourite music loaded in any of your phones while on the road with the Alpine CDE-193BT.

You can directly connect the CDE-193BT to your android phone via a USB cable and enjoy playback of all music stored on your mobile phone. There are two types of mode to select from, an AOA 2.0 and the MTP mode. The mode you choose depends entirely on the smartphone you are using and the content that you want to listen too.

The Alpine CDE-193BT’s front panel USB ports can also support a lightening apple device very efficiently. Again by connecting your iPhone to the CDE-193BT via USB, you can enjoy all the music stored in your device.

The head unit also provides 1A of current to power any of the connected devices.

Unboxing – What Is In The Box

  • CD Receiver
  • Face-plate
  • Trim ring
  • Sleeve
  • Microphone w/ bracket
  • Two-sided tape
  • 2 radio removal tools
  • 4 ISO-screws (M5 x 8mm)
  • Wiring harness
  • Owner’s manual

Alpine CDE-193BT has been in the market for years and even now is one of the most popular and reliable products in the category of car stereos. Because of its very intuitive interface and consistent high performance it has been and will be one of the best products from Alpine.