Why Do I Need A High Low Converter?

You will need a High Low Converter or Line Output Converter to add an amplifier (subwoofer or 4 channel amplifier) to convert your factory stereos speaker wire into a low level input for your new amplifier.

Why Do I Need A High Low Converter?

What is A Line Output Converter Also Known as A High Low Converter?

A line output converter is a module that turns the non pre-amp speaker output from a head unit into a low level signal that is suitable for an aftermarket amplifier.

How Do I Install A High Low Converter?

Installing this module is pretty easy! what you are doing is tapping into your factory speaker wires. You do this in a a way that does not interrupt the speakers in your vehicle. 

  1. Locate your front or rear speaker wire pairs. (fronts or rears, not a mixture of both).
  2. verify your speaker wires are correct. Each speaker should have a negative and positive. Hooking them up backwards effects the sound quality tremendously.
  3. Locate your speaker wire on the High Low converter. You should have 2 sets of wire on your amplifier, each set should be assigned to a side  corresponding to the speaker wires your using. 
  4. Connect the speaker wire on the High Low to your factory speaker wires.
  5. Use the RCA wires you purchased to install your amplifier with and connect them to the new amplifier. 
  6. After your RCA wires are connected to your High Low connect the other end to the aftermarket amplifier.
  7. Make sure the RCA wires are connected to the correct speaker input (if speaker is on the right of the vehicle then that RCA connection should be plugged into the RCA input on the amplifier that represents the right side.