What are car audio speakers and how do they work?

car audio speakers

What are Car Audio speakers and how Do they work?

Car audio speakers are speakers made specifically for automotive applications. They come in many different shapes, sizes and power levels, the bigger the speaker the lower bass frequencies it is potentially able to produce. Most stock car audio systems lack the sound quality that an aftermarket system can produce, especially with an amplifier in the mix.

How do car audio speakers work?

When wattage is sent into a speaker the electromagnet (coil) pushes itself towards or away from the main magnet located at the very bottom of the speaker. The woofer cone often made of paper or another flexible material is connected to the electromagnet (coil), this is why the woofer cone on the top of the speaker moves.

How can a new set of Car audio speakers make your system better?

In my professional opinion aftermarket car audio speakers are the perfect way to bring your factory car audio system to life. Aftermarket speakers focus more on the frequencies they can produce effectively with good quality as apposed to factory speakers that play almost full range and can destroy themselves over time by producing frequencies they are not capable of producing efficiently.

After you’ve had new speakers installed you’ll notice the richness in sound, you’ll also notice that you can turn the volume up a little louder and still be able to hear your music clearly at louder volumes. This is literally the main reason my clients replace their factory car audio speakers, other than the old speakers blowing out. Enjoying your music at louder volumes is essential and I’ve learned that everybody at one time or another requires their speakers to be played loudly.

If you would like to start looking at new speakers but dont know what size fits your car you can let us find your speakers and parts needed for your vehicle, just fill out our small form so we no what you need!

car audio speakers

What is the next best step after installing new speakers?

After you have your brand new speakers installed the next best thing you can do is install an amplifier. An amplifier takes in sound from your factory or aftermarket radio and makes the sound louder and more full. There are a few different types of amplifiers, some are made to amplify regular car speakers and some are made to amplify subwoofers. In this instance an amplifier for your in car speakers would do the trick! My go-to amplifier for in-car speakers has always been the Alpine Power Pack, its small in size and can connect to factory speakers as well as aftermarket speakers. The alpine power pack connects to your car audio speakers with its own wires so there is no need to purchase any additional wiring in almost all cases, its a full set up in one box.

What additional products do we recommend with a car audio speaker installation?

After years of installing I’ve determined that this is the perfect entry level car audio amplifier to bring your factory or aftermarket system to life, check out some more information on The Alpine Power Pack If you would like to know more about it.

car audio speakers

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