Rockville USS10 Review

Rockville USS10 10 Inch Under Seat Subwoofer Review | Everything You Need To Know

Rockville USS10 Review

When it comes to car audio systems, a high number of cars these days only come with a standard non-amplified 4 or 6 speaker set-up. These systems generally produce sub-par quality and output. A lot of times too, the feel of the bass is absent from your speakers.

The goal is to pick a subwoofer from a reputable brand, while there are many out there, we understand the hassle of deciding which one to go for.

After installing a total of 7 Rockville Under seat subwoofers we’ve determined that this brand will give out superior bass quality and if adding to an otherwise flat audio system it will give the listeners an incredible surround effect in terms of depth and fullness.

Currently Rockville isn’t a house hold name. Heck, it isn’t even mentioned most of the time but it should definitely be. Especially considering the build quality they have compared to other companies that offer similar products in the same price range.

If you would like to add some bass to your current system we can safely and confidently recommend the Rockville USS10 and in this article, we’ll give a detailed review of it.

The Rockville USS10: Introduction

 This is an all-in-one solution to get great sounding bass in your car without the unit occupying a lot of space. Due to the sub enclosure being only 2.7 inches thick, the subwoofer can easily fit under the seat. It has a built-in amplifier which makes installation and wiring very easy.


 The Rockville USS10 is built with 800 watts of peak power and 200 watts of RMS (consistent power). It is CEA-2006 compliant – and ratings are approved by The CEA and other organizations – which ensures that it will produce the power it says it will.

Rockville USS10 Review

This being the case, it has been a highly rated and recommended compact powered subwoofer. This is possibly one of the best slim under seat subs that is CEA-2006 compliant.

This unit was designed with the customers in mind and installation is almost a piece of cake – very user-friendly.

This self-amplified subwoofer has high level inputs which means that you don’t need a remote wire from your receiver to turn on or turn off the unit or any Hi-Lo converters to send signal to it. The smart circuit will detect the presence of an audio signal and then turn on your radio.

When the music signal is turned off, the amplifier designed around the subwoofer system will automatically turn itself off. Remember this system allows you to add it on to most  cars in the easiest way possible by utilizing the high level input feature because you don’t need to remove your current stereo. All you need to do is tag your current speaker wires.

Essentially all you’ll have to do for signal input is use the high level input and wire it to two of the speakers. Another good thing about this unit is the installation process. All the inputs and outputs have been put on one side ultimately making wiring neater and easier.

You won’t get this type of installation courtesy with most other similar units. (However, we generally tend to review a lot of systems like the USS10 that have this self-turn on feature).

One other thing I liked about the USS10 is its power rating. A lot of other brands might decide to falsify their power ratings – that does not comply with any industry standard – out of thin air.

Rockville USS10 Review

The warranty is pretty cool too. If you decided you don’t like this system you can return the USS10 within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy with it. This is an impressive service Rockville provides.

The USS10 has an excellent set of controls so you’ll be able to tweak the sound to your preference. It also has a level control allocated for the volume, a subsonic filter meant to remove very low frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear. It is also equipped with a bass boost, low pass crossover filter and phase control.

Rockville USS10 Features

 The USS10 has features include:

  • Auto turn on’ technology that comes with a complete machine aided, power on/off system is input sensitive and allows you to turn on when it senses sound.
  • Thermal protection circuit that provides complete protection from accidents or unfortunate circumstances like short circuit or circuit overload.
  • The entire system dimensions are as follows: 13.4×2.7×2.7 inches and its weight is close to 14.5 pounds. That’s pretty light compared to others on the market.
  • It has an easy to use phase switch, the switch allows you to adjust from 0 to 180 degrees while utilizing the active low pass filter. It also has a frequency range between 50 hertz and 500 hertz.
  • The bass boost is set up from 0 to 18 decibels that can be obtained at a frequency of 45 hertz. (Boosts 45Hz)
  • Subwoofer level remote control which ensures that you can monitor your 10 inch subwoofer without the need to frequently touch it.
  • The power supply system is controlled by a MOSFET-made transistor. This provides product safety during the transmission of different power supplies to different components.
  • Low level RCA option in order to allow your aftermarket radio to utilize this system.
  • Excessive Stage Inputs with Auto Flip-On Know-how.
  • Adjustable Enter Sensitivity.
  • Comfortable Delayed Distant Flip-On.
  • Subwoofer Stage Distant Management.
  • Inbuilt Subsonic Filter @ 29Hz. This unit will not destroy itself by playing anything below 29hz.

The Uniqueness of Rockville USS10

Rockville USS10 Review

For a small subwoofer, the Rockville USS10 comes with a lot of great features. Most of the options packed into this system are not hugely unique, in fact they are general features you’ll need in any amplified subwoofer system such as bass boost, speaker level input, RCA line input and frequency filtering options.

The most unique thing about the USS10 is the look and feel. I don’t know how Rockville was able to create a system this pretty with such a competitive price tag, but they did it and they did it right!

Here are some of the features that differentiate the USS10 from traditional subwoofers:

  • The USS10 is one of Rockville’s compact models that can easily fit under your seat AND still produce supreme bass from its 10-inch driver.
  • It is the only under seat subwoofer available on the market that is approved by CEA-2006 as a power compliant device. This makes the product very unique.
  • With the presence of MOSFET transistors, the power supply is optimum. This is important, it helps this system create the bass you need while consuming low energy. However, the RCA is suitable for low-level input that ensures minimum energy usage for functions and components to work. (A lot of other subwoofers in the same class do not work as well on low-level inputs.)
  • The availability of bass boost levels up to 18db at a frequency of 45 hertz. The included subwoofer level remote control also ensures that the user can control the effects the speaker using his or her discretion.
  • The USS10 comes with a fixed input sensitivity level that comes with a unique adjustable input sensitivity switch.
  • With Rockville’s Quality Control Assurance being one of the features associated with the product, users can get a tested and reliable product for the price paid.

Rockville USS10 Installation:

Rockville USS10 Review

After installing this amplified subwoofer bundle and having to sell customers additional products before-hand we decided to give you a bit of a heads-up on a few things you should add to your cart before check out.

This system is pretty economical in price but it isn’t un-like other car audio products on the market in-that it requires a couple of things to get started:

  1. Amplifier wiring Kit (8 Gauge)
  2. Hi Level Input speaker wires (If going Hi Level in)


Rockville USS10 Review

The USS10 is particularly popular because of its small size and the great features that come with it. However, these features aren’t so unique. Even though they aren’t as unique as we’d like for them to be we do find that this system comes with all the necessities.

The features that are however unique are the input sensitivity options and the overall look and feel of this system. A very nice blue accented on the outer shell and a very premium in-hand feel. There aren’t too many more features we could really ask for from a self-powered system.

 For anyone looking for a 10-inch subwoofer, the Rockville USS10 effortlessly ticks this box with price and sound quality considered.