The Official Pioneer TS WX120A Review

Pioneer TS WX120A Review

It is a given that there are a lot of people who are looking to get a bit more bass out of their systems without having to add the bulky subwoofer box. But they also need it to provide quality sound the same way some of the trunk-space stealing systems do.

Pioneer TS WX120A reviewThere are times when the bulkiness of a sound system often compromises the sound quality. Its not the size of the driver but the efficiency and decibel output it creates. We will explain in better detail why Pioneer is the leading vehicle audio system manufacturer as you read this Pioneer TS WX120A review. You’ll find out how this particular product can actually deliver the combination of sound quality and output most of today’s customers need.

This system is perfect for customers who:

  • Have little room in their vehicle for a small enhancement of bass.
  • Do not want a big bass system.
  • Would like a more factory look and feel out of an aftermarket car audio system.

 Pioneer TS WX120A review

Pioneer TS WX120A Review – How powerful is it?

The Pioneer TS WX120A is the latest subwoofer from the company and comes with some pretty impressive features that are sure to answer any of your requirements in terms of bass enhancements. It comes in a fun-sized build and is packed with an impressively powerful performance driver capable of around 150watts rms.

The product boasts a lot of features that make it a great companion in playing all genres of music while enjoying clear and crisp sound. Another thing that makes it a great option for a great subwoofer is the fact that it will not take a lot of space in your car trunk. We generally install these under seats as to hide them from children and family pets. This not only helps to protect the subwoofer, it also makes for a perfect “like-stock” solution as it’s hidden from immediate eye sight.

Pioneer TS WX120A review

This pioneer all-in-one system comes with some impressive features that are sure to make your investment in this subwoofer all worth it. Some of the top features of this product are:

  • It comes in a super slim built enclosure that doesn’t take too much space in your car.
  • The subwoofer has a wired remote control. (Turn the bass up and down when you want).
  • It is made with an aluminum cone woofer to give clearer sound quality.
  • 50 Watts RMS
  • Dual Voice coil

 How Does the Pioneer TS WX120A Work?

What makes this subwoofer one of the most convenient subwoofers in the market is the fact that it comes in a small built that allows you to place it just about anywhere in your car.

It works by delivering a sound pressure level of about 98dB while it can reach 30Hz when adjusted in low frequencies. It is resistant to scratches as it outer case is made from high quality polyurethane. Also, despite this skin material it doesn’t affect the entire sound quality of the subwoofer.


You can access all of the necessary settings with the use of the remote control!

Pioneer TS WX120A review

This makes it easy for you to enjoy the sound settings that you want without creating additional hassles while you are driving. Overall, the subwoofer can deliver optimum sounding bass that is sure to match your every need.

While this system is powerful, remember this is a small driver and is not intended for big bass systems. If you are looking for a big bass system take a look at some of our 12 and 15 inch subwoofer reviews!

Installation of the Pioneer TS WX120A

Reading this Pioneer TS WX120A review will give you some insights on its easy installation requirements. The product comes with an installation guide that provides 2 diagrams on how you can perform an installation on your own. There are clear instructions on what wire to connect to the current and what wires to connect to the speakers. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and also choose the specific places where you can install the sub woofer to get the best sound and feel for the music whenever you play any song. If you would like tips on how to install an amplifier check out our do-it-yourself guide!

Pioneer TS WX120A review

As a precaution, always observe proper and safe use of vehicle wiring and tools when installing the product.