Pioneer Parking Brake Bypass Procedure For AVH-X Radios

Pioneer Parking Brake Bypass DIY

How To Watch movies on Your Pioneer AVH, AVH-P, AVH-X, MVH, and DVH Video Units

Pioneer know longer uses its old school method of grounding the parking brake wire. They are now hip to our old tricks and require what is called a pulsed input in order to watch movies.

What this means for us now is that we have to use other methods such as installing a switch that allows you to flip it on and then off in order for your movies to play.

Lately we’ve been installing these really cool switches behind our own personal pioneer radios that handle this for you automatically when your vehicle is started.

This switch mounts behind your new radio and works perfectly. Best part is that you can install it in about 1 minute tops!

Some Helpful Information You Might Like

How To Install The Pioneer MicroBypass Switch

  1. Connect Blue wire from MicroBypass to the Pioneers Blue w/White wire (Amp Turn on). Not the solid blue wire.
  2. Connect the black wire to the either the factory ground wire, the pioneers black ground wire or its own chassis ground. You can also share a connection with your new radio.
  3. Connect the green wire from your MicroBypass to your Pioneers green parking brake wire. (usually a 4 ft light green wire)

We always recommend Safety First

While it is a cool add on option to enjoy while driving we recommend you and every shop customer to understand that it is against the law to have a movie playing while driving.

We also understand that safety is pretty boring. We get it, you want to listen to a movie or have something to entertain your kids on long trips. We ask that you please consider safety before performing this installation.