Kenwood ddx774bh Review

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

With a large number of options available to those who are looking for car stereo equipment, it often becomes difficult to pick the right choice.

We strive to make your job easier by reviewing one of the best Android stereo receivers to help you choose the best unit for your listening experience. Kenwood DDX774BH represents the advances made in digital technology to enhance in-car comfort, making driving more enjoyable.

One of the masterpieces designed by Kenwood, the DDX774BH lets you enjoy to the fullest with an ocean of radios from the AM/FM satellite and internet stations. It also offers some amazing wireless control features to provide the best of driving convenience. Let us review the model in detail.

This modern car stereo is designed to give drivers the most immersive listening and multimedia experience possible.

With the most innovative and robust smartphone integration, this 2-DIN monitor receiver with HD Radio and Bluetooth is sure to impress any radio lover looking to replace the factory car stereo with something modern and powerful.


Big Screen to Control Media

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

The large 6.95 inches touchscreen lets you stay updated on your media. It also lets you see what is happening around you by displaying a crystal-clear video through the front and rear cameras.
The clear resistive touch panel comes with a high contrast ratio and provides a bright, clear visual experience with easy to read information display.

You can have all the information about your car right on the screen. The DDX774BH allows seeing tire pressure, gauges, climate controls, distance and temperature details on the touchscreen.

Wireless Integration

To take the smartphone convenience to another level, Kenwood DDX774BH has built-in Bluetooth with aptX to facilitate hands-free calling and audio streaming. The Music Mix feature ensures that everybody can play DJ.

Allowing up to five Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect simultaneously, every passenger in the car can play his favorite songs. The Remote App available for Android and iOS devices gives handy smartphone controls over the receiver.

Loads of Music from Sources

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

Kenwood DDX774BH is great at playing music from CD/DVD player as well as USB devices to play a variety of music including high-resolution WAV and FLAC files. To impress radio lovers, the device features a built-in HD Radio tuner which allows enjoying high-quality sound from the participating AM and FM stations in the area.

You can even add a SiriusXM tuner to get access to some of the truly amazing satellite radio stations. You can also enjoy the Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio internet radio stations on the go.

iDataLink Maestro Support

To offer the best of convenience to modern driver, Kenwood DDX774BH head unit has support for iDataLink Maestro module from Automotive Data Solutions which provides a seamless interface with factory stereo functions like USB media player, satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming and hands-free operation. You can also get vehicle information like performance, HVAC and TPMS displayed on the screen.

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

Dual Input Camera

Realizing that the radio will not be in the same location in each vehicle, Kenwood has provided a 6-position viewing angle adjustment that ensures the best visibility during the ride.

The DDX774BH also comes with a rear A/V input that allows adding a portable player or gaming console. Rear video output allows feeding extra video screens to keep the back seat passengers entertained.

The Kenwood DDX774BH features dual camera inputs offering an easy way to connect the front and back cameras.

A rear view camera can be used as a front camera with mirror image setting. The screen shows the rear camera feed with parking lines when reversing the vehicle to make parking easier and safer.

Integrated 13-Band Equalizer

Kenwood DDX774BH has a built-in graphic equalizer to tailor the sound quality to your individual taste. The 13-band equalizer and powerful amplifier outputs let you adjust the music settings to make sure you enjoy the most coherent sound a head unit can produce.

Dual Phone Connection

Kenwood ddx774bh Review

The DDX774BH allows connecting two phones simultaneously to facilitate hands-free operation. You can switch easily between the two phones with a simple button touch.
The intuitive interface makes it really easy to call, answer and search the contacts. Rapid Charge option charges your compatible smartphone quickly through the USB port.


  • Large screen with advanced functionalities
  • Fits almost any vehicle
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Wireless connectivity with up to 5 devices
  • Sirius XM compatibility
  • Dual phone connection
  • Android music play back and Rapid Charge
  • Dual input camera and parking guide lines
  • Multi-language menu
  • Motorized 6-step tilt angle adjust
  • Variable key illumination
  • 1-year warranty


  • Screen can sometimes take longer to respond
  • Display is reflective in sunlight


Kenwood ddx774bh Review

The head unit is really easy to install and set up and comes with all the required accessories. The device can be installed in the console of the vehicle using the screws and bracket provided. You should not install the head unit in a location exposed to excessive heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

Avoid places with dust or possibility of water splashing. Mount the unit in such a way that the mounting angle is 30 degree or less.

See that you make appropriate input and output wire connections for the unit and connect the speaker wires of the wiring harness. Make sure the unit is installed securely. It can cause malfunction if not stable.

What is in the Package

DVD Receiver with built-in monitor

Microphone with bracket

Wiring harness

Parking brake wire

Radio removal tools


Warranty card

Instruction manual

Final Thoughts

With robust smartphone integration, Bluetooth functionality, access to all the types of radio and much more to offer, Kenwood DDX774BH receiver offers extensive media options for short and long hauls. It offers compatibility with factory steering wheel controls and wireless remote control for additional convenience.

With a wide array of impressive features, Kenwood DDX774BH proves to be one of the best choices for Android car stereo for those looking for a modern take on their car entertainment system.