JVC KW-V830BT Review

JVC KW-V830BT Review

JVC has truly regained our trust here at ForAudioGeeks.Com with the Jvc Kw-V830Bt double din head unit! We knew they had something surprising up their sleeves but we had no idea that it would be as big of a contender as this stereo. I mean, Android Auto and Apple Car-Play? Awesome-ness!

The features packed into this touch screen stereo are amazing. If you are a sound enthusiast like we are youll love the JVC KW-830bt as much if not more than you love Pioneers current flagship models. I haven’t personally seen a stereo packed with this many premium sound features in a long time, if not ever!


JVC KW-V830BT Review

  • Dual Bluetooth phone pairing
  • 3 sets of RCA inputs
  • Backup camera ready
  • Sirius XM ready
  • Steering wheel control module input ready
  • Pandora and Spotify capable via smartphone
  • Pandora ready
  • Android Auto, Apple Car Play
  • Video inputs and outputs for video entertainment
  • USB for high speed charging and media playback

Id like to explain a few of the reasons as to why we decided to review the JVC Kw-v830bt before we list a million features this dual din stereo has packed into it.The car stereo market is shifting in another direction as of late. Companies are making stereos to fit the users lifestyle and listening profiles, they want their products to almost overwhelm you with options but at the same time make them simple enough for the novice to use.

JVC KW-V830BT Review


Let’s start with the sound quality. 24 Bit DAC that upscales literally everything you listen to instantly to cd quality! This is huge for people who have premium audio systems currently either factory or aftermarket. Your stereo is the most important denominator in your sound system.

To put this into perspective, 96KH/24Bit sound quality delivers close to 3 times the amount of musical information than an actual CD. If that’s not enough, JVC added some of the most efficient sound customization options to control its sound quality. Here’s a few:

[Volume Link EQ] 

Boosts frequencies in your audio system that helps to eliminate the sound of road noise while driving. This allows for the human ear to focus on the listening experience.

[Time Alignment]

This allows for you to set how fast the sound from each speaker arrives at your ear. Ideally you want all of your speakers to hit you at once.

[Sound Lift]

allows your system to raise the soundstage to your desired level and let the music sit higher up in the vehicle similar to the 5000 dollar audio systems you find factory in some BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac’s.


JVC KW-V830BT Review

When JVC made this stereo they put a huge emphasis on smart phone integration without adding a heck ton of features that have not already been heavily used. They actually decided to fine tune and perfect a lot of the older features that have been popular as of late! These are the types of things that big companies like Samsung and Apple do to create a better user interface for their customers.

[Android Auto]

Recognizes android phones with the latest software and imports the applications like google maps, pandora and spotify and features you need while you drive. With this feature you can use your phone without actually using it to do things like make calls, text, google voice, stream music from apps and your phone’s internal memory!

[Apple Car-Play]

Literally does what android auto does but instead of Google voice it utilizes your siri configurations.

[Two Phone Pairing]

This JVC unit allows you to pair multiple phones via bluetooth, among the multiple phones paired you can actively use two of them at the same time for voice calls and music playback.

JVC KW-V830BT Pro’s and Con’s


  • High quality sound. The sound quality is surprisingly high, not just on paper but audibly in your vehicle.
  • They packed the options their fans actually use. After they packed them, they made them way better!
  • Android auto and Apple car play! Connect your android or IOS device to this stereo and you wont have to touch your phone while you drive. At all.


  • Our customers sometimes complain about a sun glare on the screen. We find that this can be fixed by changing the color of the screen and is only an issue on certain cars. The plus side is that this unit has a huge collection of colors to choose from.

What Do I Need To Install The JVC KW-V830BT

[Dash Kit]


The dash kit is specific to your particular make and model. Stereo dash kits were made to both fill in any gaps you might have after removing your factory stereo and to hold your new stereo in place. In most cases they do a really good job of helping to maintain the factory look. You can check out this fitment tool to find the right dash kit for your vehicle!

Wire Harness

You’ll need a wire harness in order to power your new radio and allow it to send sound to your speakers. The wiring harness generally has about 12 wires for single din radio’s and about 15 for Dual or double din radio’s. Wire harnesses are also specific to your make and model and factory audio package.

Antenna Adapter

An antenna adapter allows you to connect your new radio to your factory antenna. Without an antenna adapter wire you will not be able to receive AM/FM radio frequencies.

Foraudiogeeks Opinion On The JVC KW-V830BT

JVC KW-V830BT Review

In short, this 6.8 inch in dash touch screen stereo is the complete package. Very seldom will any car audio installer or car audio enthusiast ever admit that a particular product is a “complete Package”, but I think in terms of options and all around sound quality This JVC stereo has earned that term!

The JVC KW-V830BT also known as “EL KAMELEON” is packed with advanced sound options and smart phone integration features that completely set it apart from almost every other stereo on the market. Some of these features were brought from older JVC models and others were newly added features. The older features were re-polished nearly to perfection, the newer features are nearly flawless.