JL Audio Jx1000/1D Review

The JL Audio JX Series of amplifiers were designed with a particular purpose, and it is to deliver rock solid and clean reliability and performance at a price that you can afford.

Unlike the gimmicky amplifiers that are price conscious, the JL Audio Jx1000/1D is using specified over-sized output transistors, as well as MOSFET power supplies that are rugged, in order to unsure appropriate current, better overall performance, and thermal capacity.

Aside from that, this monster of an amplifier includes flexible signal processing capabilities that have a fully variable crossover filter of about 12db per octave, a Bass EQ, and pass-through pre-amp outputs (Really cool for hooking up multiple amplifiers).

jl audio jx1000/1d review

jl audio jx1000/1d review

jl audio jx1000/1d review

Through the optional remote level control – JL Audio RBC-1, as sold separately, you are given capability to control the volume of subwoofer from the front of the vehicle. JX monoblock subwoofer amplifiers are particularly designed for driving subwoofers.

Their frequency response has been limited to the range below 150Hz, which make them unsuitable for driving mid-range tweeters and speakers. So dont get all crazy and hook up door speakers to it or “your gonna have a bad time”.



  • Amplifier type: Mono
  • Amplifier frequency range: 20hz-150hz
  • Power range at 4 ohms: 500 watts RMS
  • Power range at 2 ohms: 1000 watts RMS
  • Preamp outputs and pre-amp level inputs
  • JL Audio JX1000/1D Dimensions: 11-5/16″W x 2-1/8″H x 7-11/16″D
  • It is recommended that you use an 80 AMP fuse because there are no on board fuses located inside of the amplifier.


Some of the JL Audio jx1000/D Main Features:

  • Low-pass active filter – The JX monoblock of Jx1000/1D Review is featuring a low-pass active filter of 12db/octave for the internal channel. This feature was designed for attenuating frequencies above the filter frequency, so that the subwoofer/s of the system would not reproduce any usually-harmful and audible mid-range frequencies. The low-pass filter has been completely variable between 50 and 200 Hertz through the filter frequency control knob. 80 Hertz is a great starting point for system tuning, but it is also advisable to match the crossover point with the high-pass filter of satellite speakers. Jx1000/1D Review makes sure that your system is appropriately distributing the frequencies to the proper medium.
  • Integration flexibility – For the systems that are not offering a pre-amp signal level selection, you will be able to connect speaker level signals directly to the hi-level inputs connector through the supplied wire harness and connector. You just have to splice the proper positive or negative, and left or right wires to the harness included, and then connect the harness into the hi-level inputs connector on the amp. The JL Audio Jx1000/1D is going to attenuate the high-level signal so as to make it compatible with the input stage. On the other hand, a traditional left and right pair of RCA type jacks has been used for low-level or preamp level signals. It is the preferred connection method every time available.


JL Audio JX1000/1D General features:

  • Unregulated RWM switching type power supply
  • Nickel-plated RCA level inputs
  • JX series monoblock Class D subwoofer amp
  • High level or speaker level inputs with harness included
  • Soft start turn-on to prevent popping and clicking when the system turns on
  • LED power and protect indicators
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy heat-sink for effective dissipation of heat.


ForAudioGeeks oppinion on The JL Audio JX1000/1D

There are so much more features and benefits the JL Audio Jx1000/1D has to offer. This outstandingly compact amplifier delivers a solid clean amount of power at an unbelievably affordable price, which is probably why we sell so many. JL Audio made it stupid easy for us to integrate with a lot of different OEM and aftermarket head units, in return we had to do an official ForAudioGeeks review to help educate our fellow geeks.

ForAudioGeeks Installer Notes:

JL Audio as a company has always created products with build quality and sound quality in mind. I love the look of the logo and the types of connectors they use with their speakers and amplifiers, they look like the type of product a customer with a very expensive luxury vehicle might like to see in their vehicle.

jl audio jx1000/1d review