JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway – Comparison

JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway

After talking to what has seemed to be way too many customers we started to take notes. We wanted to know exactly why we were selling soo many of these self powered subs. Well, its been about a year and I think customers are getting tired of my questions ha ha ha. So finally, JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway.

Let’s start with checking out all of the important things the JBL Bass Pro SL has to offer.

JBL BassPro SL

JBL Bass Pro SL Review
JBL Bass Pro SL Review

The JBL Bass Pro SL is an 8” under-seat sub-woofer which will easily fit in a really compact space.

With a height of 2-7/8” this sub-woofer can easily be mounted flat under any seat of your vehicle.

Although most of the under-seat subwoofers are designed to fit in very compact spaces, the JBL Bass Pro SL actually delivers in what it promises to, especially in terms of its size.

Equipped with excellent controls the subwoofer has received an A-grade for ease of use. In total it has six different controls in the form of three dials and three switches.

you can easily dial in the subwoofer into the car’s acoustics and set your personal preferences accordingly.

The crossover dial can tune the subwoofer’s performance between 50 – 120 Hz, all the knobs are easy to adjust. In fact the whole control panel is placed on the longer side of the casing, which greatly increases your accessibility.

The only limitation of the JBL Bass Pro SL is the lack of a remote. Although you can efficiently use a wired remote, which should be purchased separately and used for the purpose.

JBP BassPro SL – Specifications

  • Under seat woofer enclosure
  • 125W RMS amplifier
  • 20A Fuse
  • 12A maximum current draw
  • Less than 800mA quiescent current draw
  • 8” woofer
  • 35Hz – 120Hz frequency response
  • 50Hz – 120Hz crossover frequency
  • 12dB/octave crossover slope
  • 0dB to +9dB @ 70 Hz bass boost
  • Dimensions: 9-7/8” (w) x 13-9/16” (h) x 2-13/16” (l)

JBL BassPro SL – What Comes In The Box

JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway
  • Amplified subwoofer
  • 20-amp ATO fuse (installed)
  • 7″ Speaker level input harness
  • Four 2-1/2″ Mounting screws
  • 3mm Allen head bit
  • Quick start guide

Kicker Hideaway

The Kicker Hideaway is again one of the best under-seat car subwoofers that includes everything that you can desire.

This subwoofer is not only equipped with a powerful amplifier but is also designed to be compact and allows you plenty of control over its performance.

With a 150-watt amplifier, it definitely has the power to blow your mind away. The whole assembly consists of three dials, very simple!

one for the crossover, the other for bass boost and the third one for gain. It also consists of two switches one for input level and the other for phase control.

The unit comes with a remote, with which you can easily control your system’s volume, even from the driver’s seat.

Nylon straps and Velcro fasteners are included, to keep the subwoofer at its place after mounting.

The Kicker Hideaway also consists of a thick quick disconnect harness which is equipped with power and signal wiring, for easy installation.

Being just over 3” in height, the subwoofer can definitely fit in very compact and limited space.

JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway

Kicker Hideaway – What Comes In The Box

  • Amplified subwoofer
  • Wiring harness
  • In-line fuse holder
  • Metal bracket
  • Remote bass level control
  • Owner’s manual

Kicker Hideaway – Specifications

  • 8” subwoofer
  • 150 RMS power
  • 25Hz -120 Hz Frequency response
  • Low pass crossover: 12dB/octave at 50 Hz – 120 Hz
  • High pass crossover: 24dB/octave at 25 Hz
  • Input sensitivity: low level is 125mV-5V and high level is 250mV-10V
  • KickEQ boost
  • Internal hi/low converter
  • Includes a remote bass
  • Dimensions: 13-7/8” (d) x 3-1/8” (h) x 9-3/8” (w)

Comparing both the JBL Bass Pro SL & The Kicker Hideaway

Both the JBL Bass Pro SL and Kicker Hideaway are really good and efficient under-seat subwoofers.

But when you are looking for options within the these two, there are some things that you should consider before getting your hands onto one of these:

  • Ease of accessibility

The controls of JBL Bass Pro SL are very convenient not only in terms of the grip of its knobs but also the placement of its control panel.

The control panel is present towards the long side of the casing. And the only thing that the JBL Bass Pro SL lacks, is the presence of a wired remote.

When looking at the Kicker Hideaway, the dials of the console are almost flat and do not provide an easy grip.

Even the control panel is placed at the shorter end of its rectangular casing.

once installed the entire subwoofer is placed under your seat, thus it becomes a bit difficult to be able to reach all of its controls.

But most of these deficiencies are taken care off by the remote that comes with the unit. This remote provides you with easy control and access to the bass of your subwoofers.

  • Performance

In terms of performance, both of these subwoofers are very efficient. Here is a comparison of their different specifications.

Although you may not find many variations among them, even slight technical changes or alterations can have an immense effect on the overall output:

Feature JBL BassPro SL Kicker Hideaway
Material ABS Aluminium
Grille Steel Metal
Connector Type RCA/Harness Harness
Bi-amp Inputs No Not Applicable
Woofer Size (in inches) 8 8
Frequency response 35-120 25-120
Amplifier power (RMS) 125 watts 150 watts
Crossover point 50-120 20-120
Box shape Square/Rectangle Hatchback style, angled back

Looking at both these devices, both of them have their own pros and cons and ultimately what is right for your entirely depends on how you want to use them.

But before making your final decision it is good to take a look at how much each of these would cost you as both these under-seat subwoofers are quite expensive compared to others in the same category.

Both these devices boast power packed performance along with high durability and reliability.

Hence before picking any one just be sure of what your unique requirements are and then make the right choice.