How To Install a Car Stereo

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how to install a car stereo

Understanding How To Install A Car Stereo

Learn how to install a car stereo yourself: If you’ve purchased your kit, harness and antenna adapter you more than likely have the necessary instructions for taking apart your particular vehicle. If you have not purchased the parts you need for your radio install let us find them for you! If you have your parts and they for some reason do not have the instructions do a google search for those instructions because every vehicle is different in terms of wiring, fitment and dash board dis assembly. After you’ve made sure you have the right tools and instructions for removing your factory radio its time to start your removal. Follow these simple steps to learn how we install aftermarket car radios:

If You have not found the radio you want yet amazon has a great selection with the best prices that fit your particular model.

Before stereo installation is started I recommend always looking around the dash board and the trim around the radio for any sensors or harnesses that need to be considered, specifically airbag indicators and other safety options that may have came with a screen on the dash that lights up to let you know that it is or isn’t activated.

If you do notice an airbag option it is important to remember that when you are removing the factory radio you cannot turn the key to the on position while that plug isn’t connected.

If you do start the vehicle with the airbag harness disconnected you will more than likely cause it to malfunction or cause a check engine light. Do not unplug anything with the vehicle running.

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Step 1)

Follow the removal instructions supplied with your vehicles replacement dash kit.

Step 2)

When your vehicles dash panel and radio have been removed check your factory radio plug to assure it is the correct plug.

You can do this by connecting the additional wiring harness that you purchased to the factory plug that you pulled out of your factory radio. If it snaps on you now know you have the correct wire harness.

how to install a car stereo

Step 3)

Take this time to install any Bluetooth mics or additional accessories that come with your radio.

Bluetooth microphones are generally installed by mounting the microphone the the headliner near the rear view mirror and running the wire under the headliner down the drivers side “A Pillar”, under the drivers dash board and finally behind the radio trim.

Step 4)

Now its time to wire your harness. Start by stripping your wires back a quarter of an inch. After the wires on both harness’s are stripped back you can now connect the bare wires matching the colors on each harness with wire connectors by twisting the ends of the wires together and crimping down tightly on the wire connectors.

 For the most part Learning stereo installation yourself is pretty easy, but wiring your harness wiring is pretty strait forward aswell, you are essentially matching colors. You have eight speaker wires, a power, ground wire and accessory power wire along with an illumination or dimmer wire and an amp turn on or powered antenna wire.

Do not hesitate to leave out a wire if it doesn’t have a match on the other harness, this usually means that the factory doesn’t need or support this option. Your connections from wire to wire are very important, you must make sure to use quality connectors or solder to ensure your connections don’t come apart in time.

Step 5)

Assemble the aftermarket dash kit by following the directions included in your kit.

Step 6)

Now you can connect your harness to the vehicles harness and mount your new radio! Turn your radio on just to check and make sure you have sound before you re-install your factory dash panel over it. If all of your speakers are playing and your screen works, go head and set your clock. Now you know longer need to Learn how to install a car stereo.

how to install a car stereo