How Much Bass is Too Much?

How Much Bass is Too Much?

There are literally dozens of ways to answer this question. In short, Every customer is different, you’ll add as much bass as your heart desires.

Some customers would like to create a competition set up. These sorts of set ups are very expensive and take a bit of patience to build and maintain. After they are fully complete they are some of the loudest bass builds you’ll ever hear!

The majority of car audio fans out there generally like the more conservative builds. By conservative I mean at a level that wont wake up your neighbors at night but at the same time can fill your vehicle up with bass.

How Much Bass Is Safe to Run in My Vehicle?

A rule of thumb that the majority of our installers tend to go by is to stay in the realm of about 500 watts RMS. The reason being, if you have a good quality amplifier and subwoofer set up that produces 500 watts RMS it tends to be enough bass for most customers to show off and still stay within the their vehicles electrical limitations safely.

What Happens if I Run More Than The Recommended Amount Of Bass?

After about 1000 Watts RMS most vehicles start to have electrical issues and you start to see your headlights and interior lights dim when your bass hits. But those are only mild signs of electrical failure due to your amplifier being too powerful. More severe signs such as alternator failure at low traveling RPM’s happen a lot! Some bass heads have had their vehicles stop on them at a red light or a stop sign.