Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D Review

The Hifonics Brutus Series amplifiers are known among the “Bass Head” for their high power output, making them perfect for individuals looking for some serious power for a vehicle audio system. This Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D is the king of kings as far as the series is concerned!

Giving efficient and dedicated power for a higher bass response without compromising the sound pressure is made possible through integrating the Super D Class circuitry.

With its ultra-fi MOSFET, which are usually utilized for the production of music, the Brutus series also boasts an efficient cooling, high power and minimal distortion that allow such amps to generate high power with as little distortion as possible.

This amplifier also includes a wired bass knob, allowing its user to adjust the bass in order to match the genre of the music played. Besides the clean sounding thunder-like bass this is one of the best things about this Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D. The countless wiring options are also pretty cool.

For daisy chaining numerous different amps together simultaneously for a higher level of power, the amp also incorporates RCA outputs. Obviously, with what is incorporated in this amp, this is an ideal amplifier for a beating audio system.

Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D Product Features

  • 850w x 1 at 4ohms
  • 1600w x 1 at 2ohms
  • 2400w x 1 at 1ohms
  • Wired remote-bass level control
  • Subsonic filter
  • Diagnostics of on-board system
  • Protection circuitry for speaker, thermal, and overload
  • Protect indicator lights in red and power indicator lights in green
  • Lighted connectors
  • 35 to 250 Hz, 24 dB per octave variable low pass filter
  • RCA outputs that enables daisy chaining of numerous different amps simultaneously
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy

Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D Advantages and Disadvantages


Just like any other Hifonics Brutus product, the BRX2416.1D never disappoints customers and lovers of loud music. Moreover, it has features that individuals who need or want an amplifier are looking for. It also does not over heat often, if at all, which we find to be a huge benefit.

Obviously if you connect the amp up improperly you can over heat very quickly, but other than that very little overheating issues! What more can we say about this product? Well, it seems that this is one of the best amplifiers on the market, its for-sure worth the price.


Manufactured by one of the trusted brands of amplifiers that have been providing similar products for more than three decades, Brutus BRX2416.1D is likely an ideal amp to purchase and less likely to have a major disadvantage.

This product comes in series, the others with similar quality and power as this one. The older series have some issues, but my more recent customers have been happy with this unit to my knowledge.

Our Official Opinion on the Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D Amplifier

Just like what the group of customers who already purchased and used this product have said, the BRX2416.1D amplifier is a great product for its price, an incredible amp for money.

Countless customers have already claimed that this power house simply exudes great performance, it really impressed them. In fact, with its great power, some may think that it cost more than its price.

If you are looking for an amplifier with great power and quality that will not break the bank, then this Brutus BRX2416.1D is indeed one of the products that can be best recommended.