The Best Stereo’s For Boats – Our Favorite Marine Stereo’s for Boats

Whether you are throwing a party on your deck boat or riding along the waves in your speed boat, a rocking music stereo system can make your perfect day on water even better.

If you planned to lift and shift your car’s stereo system into your boat’s dash, think again. Salt, gushing waters and the vibrant sun, all the things that make boating experience worthwhile can wreak havoc to your regular stereo system.

Marine stereos are built differently, tailored to marine specifications. From waterproofing delicate circuits to Bluetooth connectivity and volume output high enough to overpower engine noise, marine stereos can withstand all the pressure while delivering high quality sound all day.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the most robust, value-packed boat stereos on the market today.

Fusion MS-RA70 Bluetooth Marine Stereo

Fusion MS-RA70

Compact yet stylish, the Fusion MS-RA70 is a feature packed boat radio offered at a relatively reasonable price. If easy installation stands on the top of your priority list, this one is as simple as any boat radio can get. You can directly mount it into the dash or into most other generic mounting areas.

Equipped with the latest marine technology, this boat radio is marine-ready. It is fitted with an optically bonded glass display which offers IPX6-rated water resistance.

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity allows you to seamlessly stream music and other media right from your Bluetooth enabled devices. As for the music, it comes with a 50W class A amplifier which is backed by a host of cool features.

The most stand-out feature is the Fusion link app compatibility. Once connected, you can use your smartphone as a wireless remote control to select tracks, switch between radio stations and control the source navigation right from your phone’s interface.

Sony DXS-M5511BT Marine Stereo + Speaker

Sony DXS-M5511BT

All-inclusive marine stereo that won’t break your budget, this one comes from  a well-known, quality assured brand – Sony.

Similar in design to most marine stereos, it has a faceplate that can be inserted in the dashboard or center console like regular car stereos.

However, unlike car stereos, it is water resistant with an IPX5 rating and is UV protected. A specialized circuit board coating prevents the salt in the water from damaging the electrical components.

Integrated Bluetooth technology allows seamless wireless connection with all your devices. With included speakers, you can enjoy every kind of music on its full playback support.

On the downside, while the stereo section works amazing, the speakers aren’t as “marine ready” as they should be. You need to be very careful and protect them from marine elements for long-lasting performance.

Boss Audio MGR350B Weather-Proof Marine Stereo

Boss Audio MGR350B

Sleek, compact and budget-friendly, this marine stereo from Boss Audio can be perfectly mounted onto your boat’s dashboard, thanks to its circular gauge-style.

It’s a full on entertainment unit with aux input for smartphone and MP3 player connectivity,  audio streaming using Bluetooth, and a USB port. Apart from that, you also get a standard FM radio, RDS tuner, pre-amp outputs, preset equalization, and more.

The MGR350B is built using the highest quality, weatherproof materials which makes it water resistant (with an IPX6 rating) and also protects the unit against UV damage. Installation is super easy too with the device mounting in a 3 inch hole.

Undoubtedly the best budget marine stereo with Bluetooth connectivity and sufficient water resistance.

Clarion M205 In-Dash Digital Media Marine Stereo

Clarion M205

Specially designed to withstand harsh marine environments, this marine stereo from Clarion features a built-in amplifier that is loud and clear enough to hear music even when ocean waves are crashing against the boat.

It comes with a decent water resistance and also features an LCD display to view channels or access other information.

You can easily connect all your devices through the AUX port and hear music right from your smartphone.

Washed in silver hue, the LCD flaunts a contrasting blue light on the stereo amping up the style quotient of your boat’s interiors.

JBL PRV-175 Marine Digital Media Bluetooth Receiver


The American company, JBL is globally renowned as a manufacturer of speakers, stereo units and other music equipment.

The PRV-175 model of their marine Bluetooth receiver packs high quality audio into a practical and responsive interface, all within a budget-friendly price point.

Fashioned in a circular-gauge style, this marine audio is built out of water resistant and dustproof rubber cover.

All its electrical components are UV resistant and the main chamber is watertight and water-proof, successfully keeping the salt and moisture out of the unit.

From the audio standpoint, there is Bluetooth compatibility which allows you to stream music right from your smartphones. Moreover, AUX and USB input, AM/FM radio further furnish your sound requirements.

A fancy LED display shows you which channel you are tuned into and what song is currently playing. With all the necessary marine radio features, it is quite clear why this little boat stereo tops the best sellers list.

Kenwood KMR D765BT Marine CD Receiver With Bluetooth

kenwood KMRD765BT

Similar to the popularity of Sony and JBL, Kenwood is also one of the biggest brands in the audio industry producing home audio systems, car stereos, and other entertainment units.

The KMR D765BT model from Kenwood falls into the more budget friendly range of boat radios.

Inclusive of a theft deterrent faceplate (TDF), this one is tough and designed for life on water. It specially includes marine-ready components to resist water and corrosion for long-lasting performance and durability. A conformal coating keeps moisture out of the internal circuit.

It comes with 2 USB input ports which allows you to directly play music from iPods, iPhones, android devices, and USB memory sticks.

With its in-built Bluetooth, you can play your favorite music in CD quality or have a clear phone call without taking your phone out in the heavy winds and waves.

Courtesy to its AptX technology, the call sound quality is good, but the music is even better.