Alpine SWR-12D2 Review – Alpine Type R 12 inch Subwoofer

The 12 inch Alpine Type R subwoofer is one of our favorites!

It sits among the top performers in its price point and delivers a huge amount of power as well. These subwoofers paired with a right amplifier and wiring produce good clean bass and offer a variety of wiring options thanks to the dual voice coils and easy push open speaker wire terminals.

When we judge car audio equipment its based on longevity, build quality, usability and its ability to properly preform its tasks. The SWR-12D2 was built exceptionally well and the sound quality reflects that. Not to mention, this is a beautiful subwoofer.

Alpine Type R 12 Inch Subwoofer Specs

RMS Power handleing: 250 Watts – 1000 Watts

Max Power Handleing: 3000 Watts

Frequency Response Range: 24hz – 200hz

Alpine Type R SWR-12D2 Deminsions

Depth for mounting: 6.375 inches

Diameter for mounting: 10.875 inches

Displacement: 0.10 Cubic Feet

Additional volume: 0.09 Cubic Feet

Alpine Type R 12 inch Subwoofer

Our Final Opinion on The Alpine Type R 12 inch Subwoofer

There isn’t very much to be said about subwoofers, in terms of a review. But I do like talking about some of the pro’s and cons I run into installing them.

The Alpine Type R 12 inch subwoofer sits along with Kicker, Sundown and Pioneer suboofers as far as ease of installation is concerned. It tends to fit into any subwoofer enclosure very well and it doesn’t look half bad either!

Alpine Type R 12 inch Subwoofer

The first thing about these subwoofers that iv’e fell in love with is the push terminals. The subwoofer comes with a set of jumpers that are used to wire the voice coils in series or in parallel in order to increase or decrease the the resistance load. These wires connect on the underside of these beautifully crafted push terminals.

The jumpers are pretty convenient. They slide directly into the bottom of the terminals and hold firmly, while the speaker wire from the amplifier goes directly into the front side of the terminal. This helps to keep your subwoofer installs clean and you can trouble shoot a lot more efficiently.

Another feature I love about these woofers is the beauty ring that fits over the screw holes. After mounting the Alpine type R to the enclosure you can cover the unattractive screw holes with the included beauty ring fairly easily and it looks perfect!

In conclusion, this subwoofer would definitely be in our top ten. Its attractive, powerful and efficient both in its build and in the way it does its job for bass reproduction. We grabbed the Alpine Type R owners manual for you to take a look at just in case you have any in depth questions about this unit.