Alpine PXA-H800 Review

Alpine PXA-H800 Review

The Alpine PXA-H800 System Integration Audio Processor is designed to compensate and prevent any sort of degradation in the sound quality.

With this processor, you can easily either upgrade or enhance the factory sound quality inside your vehicle.

Without changing anything else in your vehicle’s factory set-up you just need an amplifier in conjunction with the PXA-H800 to experience really high-quality music.

The “End All” For Audio Distortion

This device contains the CIRRUS CS5366 which is a complete 6-inch analogue to digital converter, which is perfect for audiophile sound quality and also to reproduce the sound from the source without degrading the sound.

In order to do this it uses two ultra-fast and accurate 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP’s.

A professional recording system will always have a Wolfson 24-bit D/A converter, but the Alpine PXA-H800 uses four Wolfson 23-bit D/A convertors to ensure that even minute details are not missed.

Equipped with a digital active crossover which can effortlessly limit the frequencies delivered to the outputs. With the Phase selector feature, you can also adjust the phase from 0 degrees to 180 degrees for each individual speaker.


Alpine PXA-H800 Review

The PXA-H800 comes with a 6ch Aux input, and with the variety of settings it has in its offering, you will not need any separate line output converter at all.

Alpine PXA-H800 Review

The 4V/8ch audio output will definitely upgrade the overall sound quality of your factory speakers.

It contains 2-optical digital inputs which can be used to connect any external automobile grade DVD player or Blue-ray player.

Its 2 Ai-Net connections can easily accommodate an Alpine head unit or a charger.  

The ImprintEQ Software

ImprintEQ, is a combination of both hardware and software that can easily take care of all the acoustic problems present inside a vehicle. The software will efficiently optimize the tonal balance, sound stage and definition.

You can measure various different listening positions such as all, front, front right, rear, and front left. Once the measurement is complete the software will provide you with 4 target curves, reference, reference w/ mid-range comp, user and linear.

Various Audio settings For PXA-H800

RoadEQ, the background sound such as of the wind, road or even the air-conditioner is very capable of degrading even highly superior quality sounds. The RoadEQ, present in the PXA-H800 is very efficient in cutting out all internal as well as external noise.

It works by comparing the original and recorded signals and creates a frequency-specific adjustment to cancel any noise. This is a very powerful processor which operates at 48,000 times per second.

Alpine PXA-H800 Review

Media Xpander (MX) Plus, anything that is lost during recording or transmission can be easily and efficiently restored with this exclusive Alpine technology, the MX Plus. The technology is very helpful in making compressed digital audio files from any other media player like your iPod. It also works really well on older recordings of CDs and highly improves the bass of factory installed speakers.

Graphic & ParametricEQ, the PXA-H800 comes with either a graphic or a parametric EQ.

The GraphicEQ will divide an audio band into 31 individual bands, and each of these is separately controlled to balance sound and enhance details.

The ParametricEQ, has a fewer number of bands but provides you more functionality in terms of where the band is actually located in the audio spectrum.

Alpine PXA-H800 Review

Surround sound, its system integration audio processor can support up to 5.1 channel surround sound from both multi-channel and 2-channel sources.

Dolby Digital/DTS, now you can enjoy a 5.1 channel surround even in your car.

Dolby Pro Logic II, with this decoding, you can easily enjoy stereo recordings in surround sound. You can also choose between a music or a movie mode

Euphony, with euphony you can enjoy 5.1 channel sound from 2-channel sources. It will create natural sound from a CD or any external player with wider harmonics.

Controls of your PXA-H800:

Install the Sound Manager Software from the supplied software installation disc (compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 7). With this software you can easily follow through the automatic measurement process and enable your own detailed audio settings. You can store up to 6 different tuning preset’s in your system.

If you don’t have an Imprint-compatible Alpine Head Unit then you will need the Alpine RUX-C800 wired remote control, to set-up and control your PXA-H800 System Integration Audio Processor.

Alpine PXA H800 Review – Installation

With its very detailed step-by-step installation guide, it is really very easy to install your PXA-H800.

Parts You’ll need:

There are a few parts youll need for the installation, you can use our installation parts tool to find what you need. You will also need a few tools to get the job done, so we created a stereo installation page with step by step instructions for you as well.

  • A dash Kit to mount the stereo
  • An antenna adapter
  • A radio Harness


  • 24-bit ultra-high performance DAC
  • 4 volt pre-outs
  • 6 channel Analog RCA
  • 2 optical inputs
  • 2 Ai-NET inputs
  • A 31 bands for speakers and 10 bands for sub-woofers, graphic equalizer
  • ImprintEQ with three presets and other customizable target curves
  • RoadEQ
  • 8-channel digital time correction
  • MediaXpander Plus
  • Parametric equalizer, 10 band – front, rear and centre; 5 bands – subwoofer
  • Dolby digital
  • Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Includes PC Software
  • Preset Access with INA-W910
  • DTS Digital Surround Sound

Unboxing – Whats In The Box?

Alpine PXA-H800 Unboxing
  • The system integration audio processor
  • A Wiring harness
  • 18′ Ai-NET extension cable
  • 16.5′ USB cable with both a USB Type-B connector and a USB type-A connector
  • Six 9″ Speaker-to-RCA cables
  • A Microphone
  • Visor clip and adhesive tape
  • 4 Mounting brackets
  • 4 Hex-head self-tapping screws
  • 4 Machine screws
  • 2 Velcro fasteners
  • Setup Disc Software Installation Disc
  • Owner’s, Installation and Supplementary Manual in three languages, English French and Spanish
  • “Automatic Time Correction/ImprintEQ”
  • Online Product Registration card

Alpine gives you a number of options with which you can listen to the exact sound or what you actually want to listen too, and one of the best ways to do this is the ImprintEQ.

When used in conjunction with the included microphone it gives you the ability to optimize the signals of acoustics in your car and tweak the settings manually also.

Giving you all the control right from the start. But please ensure, that the PXA-H800 is designed to work in conjunction with an amplifier (sold separately) and you will need a RUX-C800 wired remote controller (again sold separately), unless you are using the Imprint, compatible alpine receiver. Apart from all these you will need a window PC for sure.