Let Us Plan Your Next Car Audio Installation Free


ForAudioGeeks.com has launched a new tool that all DIY installers can use to get a professional car audio installation plan free!

We do the hard work of finding your vehicle specific car audio installation parts, we also recommend products such as radios, speakers, amplifiers and so forth for your installation plan. We then provide you links right to the products you need along with a few installation tips we use as certified car audio installers!

One of the lost arts in the car audio installation business is the process of planning an installation before actually starting the installation. As an MECP certified installer this is something I personally hear from most of my clients about other installation companies. To remedy this we’ve developed a program that allows us to communicate via email with you in order to assist you in building your system. 

What Type Of Products Do Plans Support?

  • Amplifiers
  • Car stereos
  • Subwoofers
  • Speakers
  • Digital Sound Processors
  • Alarms with or without Remote start
  • GPS Units
  • Smartphone Aux interfaces and Bluetooth Interfaces

How Can We Help You With Your Next Car Audio Installation?

We are a team of certified car audio installers with a combination of 10 years of experience behind us. We specialize in car stereo installations, Car alarms with or without remote start, amplifiers, subwoofers, car speakers, GPS installations and more.

Our team uses a shop provided software that allows us to find information on your specific vehicle from what ever manufacturer it may be. This software allows us to find out what particular parts you will need for your specific installation. After we have identified the parts we will send you a detailed message on Facebook with installation recommendations if needed with links to the recommended products for your installation.

We work with car audio products only, we will not answer questions on installations that are not part of an installation plan that we have developed with you. This means that we will not provide answers to questions that are not connected to a car audio plan.


What Information Do You Need To Include In The Email?

In the first Facebook Message you will give us the vehicles year, Make and model. You will also enter the type of product(s) you would like to install or have installed.


How Long Does The Process Take?

The time it takes to develop your car audio installation plan is fully dependent upon the type of system you are looking to have installed. A simple plan for a stereo installation may take a day for the information to be sent to you where as an entire system installation may take a couple days. Our free car audio installation planning service allows only a week of service. Fees may be applied via pay pal for additional planning services after 1 week from the starting date.

What Types Of Cars Do You Work With

We work with all different types of vehicles and have an extensive background in luxury vehicles, motorcycles and boats. Luxury vehicles are usually more expensive to work on and they also tend to need more expensive parts for most installations, If this is the case for your vehicle we will include this information in your plan.


What should I expect after I submit my information?

After you submit your information give us about 2 days max to build your system and include any information you may need to know about your vehicle. This information can determine whether or not your car audio installation should be done yourself or by a professional installer, this of course is debatable especially if your an experienced car audio guru. We will compile a list via Facebook message of all the products in link form with all of the essential installation products and a small description of special vehicle specific instructions such as (factory amp integration and programming instructions) if needed.


What Wont We Cover In Your Plan?

We will not preform any installs. We will not recommend any car audio installation bays. We will not offer phone support. We cannot warranty any products that we recommend as they wont be sold by us. Occasionally there are wiring guides for your vehicle online in which case we can provide them for you, but wiring diagrams are not covered in your plan.

Disclaimer: ForAudioGeeks.com can not warranty or replace the product(s) purchased from third party sources or the installation(s) done by any of our customers or companies preforming installations. We are not at fault or legally liable for products or installations causing issues or inflicting any damage to your vehicle(s).