Valentine V1 Review

Valentine V1 Review

UPDATED 2018 – Best Radar Detectors

Valentine V1 ReviewThere are many top-rated radar detectors in the market to choose from. Each of the products has its own unique features and specialties making it difficult to pick the right one for you. To make this complicated process simple, we have done some work to pick some of the best radar detectors with high efficiency and sensitivity.

Today, we focus on the Valentine V1 and present a detailed review on it to help you decide if it is worth adding to your vehicle. The team at Valentine Research Inc. has done a great job at creating products which continue to progress with the technological advancements.

They focus on ease of use and efficiency. Valentine V1 ensures that you get the latest and greatest in the radar detection technologies. Its classic design and extreme range makes it one of the most popular radar detectors today.


What Is A Radar Detector & How does it Work?

A radar detector is a small device which helps identify the presence of radars like those used by police to locate the vehicles driving over the speed-limits. A few types of radar detectors even identify the presence of laser-speed guns which prove to be useful for those who want to avoid speed traps which traditional radar detectors might miss.

Radars are generally used to identify the distance and speed like how far an object is or how fast it is moving. A radar shoots out a pulse of radio waves and uses a receiver to pick them as they bounce back. By comparing the speed and timing of these waves, the radar identifies the speed at which an object is approaching. Radar detectors use similar receivers to scan those radio waves. If these receivers pick up some frequency resembling that used by law enforcement, the detector alerts the driver.

Features of Valentine V1

What makes Valentine V1 different from others is the fact that it is made in America and is backed by a brand that put more than 40 years of research into making the product.Valentine V1 Review

Some of the most notable features of the radar detector include the direction indicator. It is a simple arrow which pops up with the information about the signal telling you the direction from which the threat is coming. This lets you make a correction quickly.

Another feature worth noting is the ‘Junk-K Fighter’ technology. Blind spot monitoring sends out K-band radar signals when a fellow driver gets too close. Older radar detectors detected these junk-K bands and constantly caused a false alarm. Valentine V1 gets rid of these signals using the latest technology saving you from unwanted alerts.



  • Measures 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight – 10.6 oz.
  • Mute – A simple knob press any time during the alert silences the system
  • Control nob – Can be used to adjust volume, brightness, mute, modes and on/off
  • Volume control – Dual volume settings for loud alert on a radar signal detection. After the alert, the sound fades to give a softer reminder of the threat presence.
  • Radar strength indicator – Provides a range of how close the radar is to your vehicle
  • Separate modes – Lets you decide the threat level
  • Rear detection – Detects threats from behind with antennae and sensor
  • One year warranty on the equipment


How to Use the Valentine V1 Radar Detector?

Valentine V1 ReviewInstalling the Valentine V1 radar detector is simple and quick using a mount. The ideal locations to install the detector include dashboard, visor and window. Plug the detector into a 12 V lighter for power supply and a quick calibration gets you going. It can take some time to get used to it and the manual contains all the information you would need. However, getting accustomed to Valentine V1 radar detector is quite simple.

The interface is highly simplified ideal for anybody new to the radar detection. There is a main knob which can be turned on and off. It adjusts the volume and holding it mutes the current threat. There is also a secondary knob that allows further customization of the device. Everything is simple and straightforward can be learned in few minutes.

The front and the rear antennae tell you whenever there are threats approaching. Large red arrows on the front of the display show you the direction from which the threat is coming. It also features a bogey counter that displays the number of simultaneous threats detected within the area. With such a powerful detection capability, there is very little chance of getting caught by speed traps.

Valentine V1 Alternatives – How Does it Compare to Other Radar Detectors?

Valentine V1 competes with two highly-rated models – Escort Redline EX and Escort Max 360C. All these three radar detectors share a feature not generally found in windshield-mounted detectors – Dual Radar Antennas. The Valentine V1 and Max 360C antennas point fore and aft to allow identifying the direction of the threat. Redline EX has both the antennas facing forward to offer increased sensitivity and range.

The V1 is focused on performance more than features. All the operations are controlled by a rotary multi-function switch which handles muting, operating and audio volume. The Escort Max 360C providesValentine V1 Review additional protection against traps and also displays current speed limit to help crossing the limit. The Escort models are designed with built-in protection to be specifically useful in areas where detectors are banned.

The front of the matte-black housing is dominated by large red arrows showing radar direction. V1 has simple single-colored directional threat arrows while Escort Max 360 and Redline EX have multi-colored OLED arrows for easier band identification. Escort models have bigger displays making it somewhat easier to use.

Bogey Counter displays up to nine simultaneous threats offering more advantage over the Escort models. Escort Max 360 is a new generation product with an integrated GPS module, photo enforcement database, Bluetooth functionality and mobile app.

The Valentine V1 radar response is faster than that of Escort Redline EX and Max 360C. It offers excellent sensitivity across all police radar bands and the laser sensitivity is fantastic as well. While Max 360C offers a good sensitivity, its responsiveness is little behind that of Valentine V1.