Uniden R3 Vs Max 360

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360

 UPDATED 2018 – Radar Detector Comparison

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360
Max 360 Radar Detector

The Uniden R3 and Escort Max 360 are two of the most popular road radar detectors and users find it difficult to choose between the two.

A lot of people keep asking which of the two they should get. The answer is certainly difficult because the two detectors not only have many similarities but also some important differences.

One of the two radar detectors can appeal to a specific group of people due to the unique features they would find useful. In this Review, we dive into the details to find out which one would best suit you.


Uniden R3 Vs Max 360 – Quick Overview

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360
Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Uniden R3 is a long-range radar with extreme sensitivity picking up signals quickly and its unique GPS feature provides red light camera alerts keeping you informed all the time.

Color OLED display gives a clear picture which is easy to read and understand. It works with any vehicle and lets you get real-time alerts while using additional features like mark location and mute memory false alerts.

Eagle eye detection provides 360-degree monitoring radius while voice notifications let you focus on the road.

Escort Max 360 features an excellent performance with automatic GPS lockouts and Bluetooth guide to offer real-time alerts from the cloud.

You can see on the display the rate restriction of the area and the arrows help you discover the source of the signal. It works with most vehicles to offer real-time radar alerts and the live app alerts to speed limits for ticket protection.

It uses GPS Autolearn technology to learn your routes to avoid any false alerts.

Long Range Performance

Both, Uniden R3 and Max 360 can give a lot of advanced alerts in most situations. However, when you have the toughest situation ahead, R3 is unarguably the better option to Max 360.

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360
Max 360 Radar detector

The Uniden R1 and R3 are the longest range detectors available in the market. Max 360 holds its own and provides a lot of range practically but R3 still outperforms it.

Blind Spot Filtering

It is difficult to filter out blind spots. A more advanced and modern detector can do it well. Uniden R3 is good at filtering blind spots and its firmware update has improved the BSM filtering and K band filtering to a noticeable extent.

Max 360 has recently updated its BSM filtering and is now quite effective. While it is still not able to filter out all the blind spots, it is doing a good job at it just like R3.

What Comes in the Box

Uniden R3 – Includes

  • Uniden R3 Long Range Laser/Radar Detector
  • Cigarette Adapter
  • Carry Case
  • Connector Dual-Sided Velcro Tape
  • Single and Double Suction-Cup Brackets
  • User Manual

Max 360 – Includes

  • Max 360 Radar Detector
  • Sticky Cup Windshield Mount
  • Travel Case
  • 12V Combo Smartcord
  • Owner’s Manual


Uniden R3 Vs Max 360 – Similarities and Differences

Uniden R3 Advantages

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360
Max 360 Radar Detector

Physical Size

The Uniden R3 is the size of a traditional radar detector and quite lightweight. Max 360, on the other hand, is a large windshield mount detector which can create an issue for small vehicle owners.

RDD Immunity

This is especially important for those who live in banned areas. Uniden R3 is Spectre Immune while Max 360 is detectable by Spectre Elite.

Mute Button on Front

Mute button placement on the front of the detector makes R3 more accessible if you are running one with RVM hardwiring.


RLC Database Update Cost

The RLC database updates are free with R3 while Escort charges $25 per year after a year of free service.


The main difference between the two is in pricing as well. While R3 is available at a cheaper price than the MAX, while The max 360 costs considerably more.

Max 360 Advantages

While Max 360 does not have the BSM filtering or range matching R3, it has got some really nice features to its favor.


Both radar detectors can pick up signals behind or ahead but Max 360 features an extra rear antenna which not only detects signals behind from a distance but also tells the difference between front and rear signals to help you locate the source quickly.


Uniden R3 and Max 360 can both learn and remember stationary false alerts. However, Uniden R3 requires teaching the detector manually what a false alert is.

Max 360 also works this way. But if you keep passing by the same signal over and over, it automatically learns those false alerts and locks them out.

This means the detector gets quieter as you drive. This is highly beneficial for beginners as it does not require messing up with the detector too much.

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360
Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Speed Limit on Screen

Pairing the detector to the phone looks up the speed limit for the road and displays it on the detector’s display. This feature is unique to Max 360.

Directional RLC Alerts 

R3 marks the intersections having speedcam or RLC.

Max 360 also considers the directions monitored by those RLCs and alerts only if you travel in a direction that issues tickets, thereby avoiding unwanted alerts.

Automatic Sensitivity Adjustments – Both these detectors allow choosing the full sensitivity or reduce the sensitivity for lesser false alerts.

With R3, you need to switch modes manually. On the other hand, Max 360 has the ability to switch between full sensitivity and reduced sensitivity automatically as the speed changes.

You get full sensitivity on the highway and reduced in the city.

Which One is More Popular?

Now that we have gone through the details, you can answer whether it is worth spending extra $250 to get Max 360 instead of Uniden R3.

If you are someone who wants the simplest radar detector experience or wants to be a detector expert, you should get the Max 360.

You get a lot of range, filtering and false alerts handling. It will tell you the speed limit of the road you are on and arrows are useful in easily locating the threat.

On the other hand, Max 360 is a feature-packed radar detector which is easy to use and recommended for people who are not interested in getting into the working of the detectors or being an expert. It is the radar detector ideal for all those who want something simple yet effective.