Tesla Style Head Unit Tundra

Tesla Style Head Unit For The Toyota Tundra

(2014- 2018 models)

Tesla Style Head Unit For Toyota Tundra

An excellent product for those who admire the luxurious interior of Tesla cars, the Tesla Style TS-TYPU12-1RR-7 12.1″ Head Unit is a stunning radio for car that allows users to enjoy the desired luxury every day. This head unit from LinksWell is named after is large on-board computer display feature.

LinksWell is a reputed brand in the automotive electronics engineering world with more than 25 years of experience in delivering in-vehicle entertainment, safety and integration products that function and feel like factory components.

Their intent has always been to enhance the driving experience through seamless solutions adding to the existing components.

Today, we review the LinksWell Tesla Style Head Unit  specifically made for the Toyota Tundra and consider its features, advantages and limitations to help you find out if it is the right accessory for you.

Tesla Style Head Unit For Toyota Tundra’s

Available for more than 100 late-model vehicles, the LinksWell Tesla Style Head Unit is a fantastic replacement to existing car stereo giving the car interior a Tesla feel without any major modifications. Tesla cars are known for futuristic electric styles with huge infotainment touchscreen systems.

Compatible with Toyota Tundra models, the LinksWell Tesla Style Head Unit offers an excellent solution to those obsessed with the Tesla style.

It comes as a plug and play head unit which requires minimal wiring. It is easy to install and set up and retains most vehicle factory setups for backup camera, steering wheel control and others.

The aftermarket Android Radio features a capacitive multi-touch 12.1 inches vertical display screen with a resolution of 768 x 1024 pixels.


The Tesla Style Android Navigation Radio works well on Toyota Tundra models from 2014-2018. It comes with all of the wiring harnesses and CAN BUS modules needed to allow factory system integration and monitoring.

This is important for newer vehicles because they often times work based on what is called a CAN BUS signal of some sort. Other options such as audio, smart functions, steering wheel controls and standard features without can bus work easily as well in this vehicle model.

The Display

The head unit has a 12.1 inch vertical touch screen in Tesla style. It supports split screen display to allow two functions at the same time. It also supports full-screen display for navigation map. The main applications are located on the top of the screen like Radio, Camera, Navigation, Music, Console, File Manager, AUX, PhoneLink, Settings, DVR, App list application icon and others.

At the bottom of the screen, you can find climate control options. It is possible to customize the appearance of the display.

The head unit also displays the information about car like speed and RPM.

Other Features

Tesla Style Head Unit For Toyota Tundra

The TS-TYPU12-1RR-7 head unit features two USB outputs and a standard USB connector. Its support for A2DP protocol allows listening to music from any compatible phone through Bluetooth.

The Tesla style head unit also supports multi-tasking function allowing the use of two applications at the same time.

This means you can listen to music from your favorite app while surfing the internet through browser open in the other window.

It also features voice control function to facilitate a hands-free operation for tasks like making and answering calls, playing music, controlling playback and handling text messages.



Operating System: Android 4.4.4

Memory: 32GB

Display: 12.1 inch capacitive

Navigation: iGo NextGen

Phonelink: Android/Apple WiFi Link or USB Android Link

Video: 1080P

Music: All major file formats

Radio: RDS AM/FM

Audio: Integrated DSP, 4x45W

Main Features:

  • Large 1 inch capacitive touch screen plug n play system
  • Optional full-screen iGo NextGen navigation system
  • 2 USB inputs
  • AM/FM Radio with preset stations
  • Touch screen climate control
  • USB movie and music playback
  • Bluetooth support for hands-free calling and music streaming
  • 3 camera inputs – front, right and rear
  • Settings tab for radio personalization
  • Ability to download apps from Play store
  • File manager for copying, moving and downloading files from USB
  • Phone mirroring for Apple and Android
  • DVR camera input
  • GPS navigation with your favorite apps
  • EQ balanced audio processing technology
  • Integrated WiFi and antenna


  • Large screen display
  • Split screen display facility
  • Full screen display available
  • Plug and play system requires no wiring
  • Installation of apps from external sources
  • GPS navigation
  • Hands-free calling and Bluetooth music
  • Wi-Fi connection available
  • Mirrorlink with smartphones
  • Auto A/C touch control
  • Touchscreen climate control
  • Optional TV, DVR module, DVD module
  • Factory USB, backup cam, steering wheel controls retained
  • Support for most audio and video formats
  • Additional accessories available


  • Works with limited vehicle models
  • Bluetooth can sometimes fail


LinksWell Tesla Style Head Unit for Tundra models is a great replacement to existing head units. It is an excellent product that extends the functionality of car stereo and allows integrating the phone’s functionality for an easy and convenient access right from the car’s dashboard. It is a great accessory that allows customizing the car with Tesla style while providing outstanding music experience on the drive.