If you have ever had the chance to use or own the SONY MEX-N500BT or the SONY MEX-N5100BT you’ll be mad that you didn’t wait to purchase the MEX-Xb100BT. Many of our customers have returned after a year or so to buy this new Sony Stereo. We figured you’d like to hear about this Stereo from actual Certified Installers so we put together this comprehensive Sony MEX-XB100BT Review to answer some of your questions.

You’ll also love this Sony mex-xb100bt review. This unit is one of the highest end single din radios on the market today and it will be the most purchased unit as soon as car audio shops start to receive them in from Sony.

This car stereo has all of the same premium options as the earlier models and then some, but the huge difference between the MEX-Xb100BT and its predecessors is the built in 100 watt rms 4 channel amplifier! 

If you are installing this unit yourself you’ll need an installation kit, a harness and an antenna adapter. You can use Amazons Fit Guide  to search for these essential products before you start your installation.

What makes the MEX-XB100bt different from other radios?

This official Sony mex-xb100bt review was a review that simply had to be done! This style of radio is the type of radio all car audio moguls have been waiting for, its the type of radio that makes sense.


This unit sets itself apart by not only giving you a majority of all the newest options you can find on all of the high end car stereos but it also has a built in 4 channel amplifier. This amplifier provides 40 watts RMS per channel at 4 OHMs and can be wired to 2 ohm speakers without any problems providing around 60 watts RMS per speaker channel.

Whats so great about having a high efficiency amplifier inside of your radio?

Traditional car amplifiers are easily the most used amplifiers in the car audio industry for obvious reasons, but they do come with their own share of downsides. They generally require additional wiring and a timely installation, not to mention a lot of the time they take up space in your trunk that could otherwise be used for other more appropriate things.

These are all things you do not have to worry about with a stereo like this particular one. No extra amplifier wiring needed, you wont need to run wires around the vehicle and you save trunk space.

sony mex-xb100bt review

What features does The Sony MEX-XB100BT have?

One of the reasons I had to create this sony mex-xb100bt review is due to the lack of quality professional information on this radio. Aside from the built in 4 channel amplifier this stereo has almost all of the high-end features on the market today. The equalizer is among the many that stood out to me.

There is not only a 10 band equalizer but an in depth subwoofer crossover menu to match the very respectable 5 volt pre-outs that provide the signal to them, is that not awesome? This unit provides NFC capabilities as well as bluetooth with 24 bit DAC encoding for the best possible sound quality possible. I’ve taken the time to build a list of relevant features for this Sony mex-xb100bt review below:

Sony mex-xb100bt Review – Specs

The Sony Mex-xb100bt Specs are pretty spot on. We did an oscilloscope test with one of the installs last week and we actually got 12% more RMS power per channel than Sony themselves wrote on the Box. This was a good finding, it explains a lot and further more shows Sony should be way more of a respected brand.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 integration for hands-free calling and music streaming.
  • USB plugin for application connection.
  • 4 channel 40 watts per channel.
  • Sirius XM Ready.
  • Pandora application mode connection.
  • 5 volt RCA preouts for subwoofer connection.
  • 120 DB signal to noise ratio for premium sound.
  • Digital clarity radio tuner
  • 2 zone color changing capabilities.
  • Built in time alignment.

Sony MEX-B100BT Review – Audio Specs

  • 100 Watts x 4 @ 4ohms
  • 5 Volt RCA Pre-outs
  • 3 Sets of pre-outs (Front, Rear, Subwoofer)
  • Time alignment (Fully Edit the sound)
  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Bass enhancement button (produced little to no distortion)
  • High Pass and Low pass filters (independent filters for front and rear).

sony mex-xb100bt review installation Tips

This unit is no different than any other single din with bluetooth as far as installation is concerned.

The main thing I would do differently than other more standard car radios in regards to installation is attach the ground off of the Sony harness (Thicker black wire) to an actual metal ground location on the chassis of the vehicle (behind the radio on the frame of the vehicle).

 Run the constant 12 volt to a 12 volt constant source in the vehicle like the (battery). Sometimes the constant power from the factory radio harness doesn’t create enough current to sustain the power levels of the sony. If you have any questions about stereo installation you can take a look at our How to Install a Car Stereo Guide.

What Do I Need To Install The Sony Mex-xb100bt

You’ll need a few things in order to install this stereo. Luckily even though this isn’t a normal stereo you can still use all of the same mounting and wiring tools. I took some time out to create a list of the parts youll need for an install of this caliber below. Keep in mind if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message on free of charge.

  • Dash trim kit (Specific to your vehicle)
  • Wiring Harness (Specific to your vehicle)
  • Antenna adapter (Specific to your vehicle)

Whey Do I need These Parts to Install The Sony XB100Bt

Your vehicle needs a dash kit in order to maintain the factory look after the new stereo is installed. In many cases youll find that this dash kit is the only reason your stereo will even mount and hold inside of your dash cavity.

Your wiring harness adapts your vehicles electrical system to your new stereo. With his harness youll be able to power your stereo and provide sound to your current speakers. Some vehicles require a more technical harness with data modules and relays, they tend to be a bit more expensive but they are very important.

Antenna Adapters are huge grey area in the car audio world. It determines whether or not you have AM/FM radio. Certain Toyota’s and Honda’s do not require them because the factory plug for the antenna fits into the new aftermarket radio. If your vehicles calls for a new antenna adapter its your choice on whether or not you buy one, bet without it you wont have AM/FM radio.

Additional Recommended Parts For This Stereo To Consider

While 45 Watts RMS to each speaker doesn’t seem like much it might be too much for a set of factory speakers. Consider the possibility of having to upgrade your audio system speakers after you install this Sony head unit. You’ll quickly find out whether or not the amplifier inside of this stereo is to much for your current speakers. If you intend on replacing your speakers there are a few ways to go about it. Here’s the way id do it.

  1. Check the speaker size for your vehicle using a vehicle fit guide or by messaging us on Facebook.
  2. After you know the size of the speakers in your system do a quick search for them using the Fit Guide Link in step 1. (we recommend Infinity, Hertz, Alpine and Audison speakers)
  3. When you’ve found them in your size buy them with a protection plan so that you can replace them if damaged during the installation or brake-in period. (A period of time your speakers use in order to loosen and warm up to listening conditions)