The Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB 10 Farad Capacitor

The Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB capacitor is among the most respected and long lasting capacitors on the market. This is a hybrid capacitor which means it has two different electrodes in it, one that stores energy electrostatically and one that stores faradaically. The fact that it stores energy two different ways means that it can operate at higher temperatures and can work at maximum efficiency even when its really hot. This also makes hybrid capacitors work for longer periods of time.

What Are Car Audio Capacitors?

Car audio capacitors are among my list of things every performance car audio system should have. They are built to store energy from your vehicles battery and discharge that same energy quicker and more efficiently.

Capacitors are measured in farads, a farad determines the amount of energy that the capacitor can store and discharge.  I generally recommend 2 farads per 1000 Watts Rms your car amplifier produces. With that being said as a car audio geek you should always think of the future and the types of products you might want to add on later, like a more powerful amplifier or bigger wiring.

This is where the Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB 10 Farad capacitor comes into play, as you ass on more powerful amplifiers and subwoofers you need a car audio capacitor that can sustain the recharging your more powerful amplifier can produce.

Why would you need The Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB Capacitor?

After you reach about 1000 watts RMS most factory electrical systems tend to stop operating correctly. you’ll see thing like headlight dimming, dome light dimming and in more severe cases battery drain.

if your battery and alternator are working correctly and efficiently and you still have these issues you should invest in a performance car audio capacitor. I generally recommend the Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB capacitor for anyone wanting a subwoofer or 4 channel amplifier that produce 1000 watts RMS or more.


Match Up This Capacitor With The Perfect Amplifier and Subwoofer!

Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB

Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB Specifications

    • 10 Farad capacitor.
    • Hybrid performance.
    • Improves bass response.
    • Improves mids and highs.
    • Low ESR.
    • Platinum Plated terminals.
    • Digital voltage/amperage reader.
    • Three (1awg/4awg) terminals for input and output.


How To Install A Car Audio Capacitor

The first thing I would like to say before you install this unit is that if you have any doubts about installing this unit yourself or If you don’t have any installation experience do not hesitate to seek professional outside help.

For those of you that do have a background in car audio and feel that you can install this unit safely and effectively yourselves you should know that this installation isn’t too different from installing an amplifier.

The first thing you want to do is obviously find a location by your amplifier with open air space and mount it in that spot. Next, connect your power lead running from the battery into the capacitor without grounding your capacitor (there should be no ground cable connected to the capacitor at this point).

now disconnect your fuse from your power wire at the battery, you will now attach a light bulb with a wire for (-) and (+) in series between the input into your fuse block and the output out of your fuse block. The light will now come on, wait for it to fully go out and disconnect the light bulb, re-install your fuse now.

Your power wire that was once connected to your amplifier should be connected to your capacitor at this point. Take this time to ground your capacitor and secure that the capacitor is mounted and stable.

Now run a power wire and ground wire from your capacitor to the input of your amplifier. Your amplifier will use the same ground and power path as your capacitor uses. Now take the time to secure your amplifier and make sure its mounted securely. Turn on your vehicle and and enjoy!