Pioneer MVH-AV290bt Review

Pioneer MVH-AV290bt Review

In this 21st century world, nobody wants to fiddle around with tiny knobs and dials to listen to music on the go. In fact, nobody wants to touch buttons at all. A new digital media receiver gets you covered making your car a little more user-friendly. It brings a high-degree of multi-functionality by incorporating the use and controls of multiple devices and tools into one intuitive screen.

With more and more cars offering space to install a double din head unit, more companies produce innovative models, each with their own pros and cons. One such sleek touchscreen digital media receiver from Pioneer is the MVH-AV290BT designed to bring the wonders of wireless entertainment to your car.

In this article, we review this Pioneer product in detail to consider its features and offerings so that you can decide if it works for you.

Pioneer MVH-AV290BT Review

This double-din digital media receiver from Pioneer takes your in-car entertainment to the next level. It gives you excellent sound, Bluetooth connectivity, rear-view camera input and brilliant video.


Pioneer MVH-AV290BT review

LCD Touchscreen. The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT head unit features a 6.2-inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480. The screen lets you control the unit as well as the connected component like Android or Apple phone, USB storage devices, iPod or audio player. Menus are shown on the screen to let you make choice for functions, set up and audio adjustments.

Front-Panel Controls. Apart from the touch screen, the head unit comes with frequently used buttons laid along the left edge with illumination.

Dimmer. It is possible to dim the touchscreen’s display and button illumination automatically, manually or through timer.

Remote Control. The media receiver supports Pioneer’s IR remotes and is compatible with steering wheel remote.

2-DIN Chassis. The Pioneer receiver has a 2-DIN chassis and fits most vehicles with large dash opening. It can be mounted using factory brackets.


Pioneer MVH-AV290BT review

Bluetooth Technology. The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT features built-in Bluetooth to let you make and answer calls wirelessly through the receiver while allowing you to stream music from a connected smartphone.

SPP. Secure Simple Pairing enables pairing a Bluetooth-enabled phone to the receiver without having to enter pin codes or involve in complex settings. Up to three devices can be registered with the head unit.

Hands-Free Communication. The head unit supports wireless hands-free communication for a connected phone. It lets you carry on a conversation using the external microphone and the car’s audio speakers. It provides a natural sound quality during Bluetooth calls.

You can, during the phone call, adjust the volume and switch between Hands-Free and Private Mode. You can use the touchscreen to make a call. During an incoming call, the receiver displays the information of caller and a ring tone is heard through speakers.

Wireless Audio Streaming. The head unit supports wireless audio playback and control of a smartphone or audio player connected through Bluetooth. You can stream music from the phone or device or the music apps on the device. It also allows browsing the stored music and shows the song information on the screen like album cover art, track title, album title and artist name.

Smartphone Integration

USB Compatibility. The head unit allows connecting a USB mass storage device like flash drive or digital music player through a real panel cable. It gives control and playback of a wide variety of music, photo and video files stored on the portable device.

The USB device can be charged when plugged into the port of the head unit. The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT supports almost all popular file formats including WMA, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, JPEG and more.

iPod/iPhone Connection. The head unit supports direct connection of Lightning connector iPod or iPhone through rear panel USB port. You can use the screen of the head unit to play, browse and control music and view song info and battery status. The USB connection charges the connected Apple device.

Audio Quality

The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT features a 24-bit digital to analog converter for excellent playback quality. A MOSFET amplifier delivers increased power with minimum distortion and noise, ensuring a cleaner and louder music at high volumes.

You can also make further adjustments to the sound with functions like Loudness, Bass Boost and Source Level Adjustment.

AV Connections

Pioneer MVH-AV290BT review

AV Input. The receiver features a rear-panel AV input to connect an external source of audio or video.

Video Output. You can even add an external monitor like an overhead monitor or rear headset and can be selected to display the AV input signal.

Rear-View Camera. The head unit is equipped with a rear-view camera input to add an optional backup camera. It automatically switches to the rear view camera when the car is in reverse transmission to let you see what’s behind.

Additional Features

  • Factory steering wheel audio control compatibility
  • 5-band graphic equalizer with 7 preset EQ curves
  • 4-channel preamp outputs
  • Favorites menu allows registering 12 items
  • High and low pass crossovers tailor to connected speakers
  • Radio broadcast information and controls available


  • Ease of installation
  • Excellent music sound quality
  • Support for Apple and Android
  • Fits most double-din dash openings
  • Instructional video support
  • Support for multiple languages
  • 1-year warranty


  • Bluetooth can get disconnected sometimes
  • Cables are somewhat short

What’s In The Box

Pioneer MVH-AV290BT review
  • Digital media receiver with integrated touchscreen
  • Owner’s manual
  • Microphone with bracket
  • USB extension cable
  • Wiring harness
  • Warranty card
  • ISO screws
  • Two-sided tape


An excellent choice for a DIN, Pioneer MVH-AV290BT is simple and functional and priced reasonably. With outstanding compatibility with a variety of devices and a plethora of useful features that let you make the most of your in-vehicle entertainment, it is definitely worth considering.

This digital media receiver provides an affordable solution to enjoying a seamless smartphone and entertainment experience when driving.