Pioneer GM-D1004 Review – UPDATED 2018 – Best Mini Amplifier

Pioneer GM-D1004 Review – UPDATED 2018 – Best Mini Amplifier


Pioneer GM-D1004 ReviewIf you are looking for a compact amplifier that does not take up much space in your car, the Pioneer GM-D1004 is the right pick for you! This model represents Pioneer’s first entry into the growing category of micro amplifiers.

Loaded with features like signal sensing power management and speaker level inputs, Pioneer GM-D1004 4-channel amplifier simplifies integration into OEM entertainment systems. Designed to provide high output and sound quality, the amplifier offers installation flexibility and the space-saving capability’s to secure a place among the most popular mini amplifiers today. In this post, we review the features, functions and performance of the Pioneer mini amplifier.


Pioneer GM-D1004 Overview

This 4-channel amplifier from Pioneer is built to power your car’s front and rear speakers with 45 watts RMS each. It runs so efficiently that it often can run on the supplied power from the same circuit as the receiver to save you from the wiring troubles. Meaning you generally wont have to buy one of those annoying amplifier wiring kits, you also wont have to run any of those pesky wires into your engine bay! We discuss alot of these terms in our Installation Guide.

Tiny size makes it so you can easily install it anywhere, even behind the dashboard in vehicles which is our go-to installation spot. This unit has all of the standard safety systems in place, the main one being an in-line fuse that blocks excess current in case of a flash of large output. It also prevents overheating of parts and maintains stable operation.

Aside from the size of this amplifier, we consider the sound quality to be above that of the Alpine Power Pack and the clarion Power Pack. After installing this amp a couple of times one of our installers decided to purchase it for himself. Installation is very strait forward and the tuning process takes a few minutes.

Pioneer Mini Amp Valuable Uses

You are able to use this unit to replace a factory amplifier assuming the pioneer mini amp matches the factory amp in power, impedance and has the same amount of channels. This really helps in vehicles that have a factory 4 or 6 channel amplifier that has gone bad. (good for jeeps with infinity systems)

If you would like to power to small Sub-Woofers you can bridge this amp into to two channel mode allowing for only 2 channels of output. When doing this you can take advantage of the low pass cross over that will only allow lower frequencies for your subs at 90 watts RMS for both channels.

Product Specifications

Below are the key specifications of the Pioneer Mini Amplifier:

  • Speaker Terminals – ISO-type
  • LPF – 80 Hz
  • HPF – 80 Hz
  • Maximum Input Power – 4 x 100W

  4 x 100W

  2 x 200W

  • Frequency Response – 10 – 40000
  • Distortion – <0.05
  • S/N Ratio – >90
  • Maximum Current Consumption – 15 A
  • Dimensions – 8 1/8” Width x 1 9/16” Height x 2 9/16” Diameter
  • Weight – 0.55 kg
  • CEA 2006 Power – 4 x 45 W at 2 or 4 ohms

     2 x 90 W at 4 ohms stable

     74 dBA


Pioneer GM-D1004 ReviewKey Features

D-Class – Class D technology enables the amplifier to produce high power output with optimum efficiency. This latest topology allows users to enjoy superior quality sound and powerful volume in a versatile system that measures half the size of other amplifiers.

4-Channel – The Pioneer Mini Amplifier combines outstanding power with big sound to deliver loud, clear and distortion-free music experience. The highly efficient topology requires just 15 Amps of current to achieve a full-rated output across the four channels.

Protection Control System – The amplifier can be easily connected to the radio power harness of most vehicles. Power can be acquired from the car’s console panel and the protection control system suppresses any extra current when the output is large. It also prevents cases of extreme overheating of parts and maintains stable operations.

Speaker Line Input Sensor – This feature allows connecting any existing OEM unit without having to get any add-on adapters. Speaker level Pioneer GM-D1004 Reviewinputs along with signal sensing power management switch automatically between on and sleep depending on the basis of the presence of input signal.

Compact Size – The micro chassis design of the Pioneer GM-D1004 makes it really easy to install and the small size measuring 7 inches in width, 1.5 inches in height and 2.6 inches in depth ensures that fit behind the dashboard of most vehicles.


What Comes in the Packaging

The product package includes:

  • Pioneer 4-channel amplifier
  • 15 amp mini blade fuse
  • 8” line-level input harness
  • 39” power/output harness
  • 39” speaker-level input harness
  • 2 mounting brackets
  • 2 ¾” self-tapping screws
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty Card

Pioneer GM-D1004 Install Tips

pioneer-gm-d1004-reviewWiring diagrams that come with mini amplifiers like the D1004 can be a bit confusing at times, so in a nutshell the first tip we can give you is to consider your audio source before you start this installation. Understanding how to integrate with your car stereo will make this install 100% easier.

The first thing to understand about stereo’s is the fact that they produce sound. After that you need to consider how they produce that sound. there are two ways to install this amplifier and within those two ways there are 2 different sub variations.

The sub variations are for more in depth installs and do not represent the intent of most installations.

The fist way of installing this amp is through whats called “Hi Level”. This is done using the standard speaker wire harness that comes in thepioneer-gm-d1004-review box with this amp.

You’ll notice it has “chopped ends”, ready to be stripped and connected to other wiring when needed. Hi Level is used primarily when you have a factory stereo and you would like to amplify the factory radios sound.

The Second way of installing this amp is through what is called “Low level”. This way of installing is done by utilizing the speaker harness with the RCA plugs on the end for audio input for the Pioneer input amp.

This is used to connect to an aftermarket stereo that has at least 4 channel’s of RCA or “Low Level” output. In this case all you would have to do is plug your RCA plugs from your Pioneer mini amp into this stereos RCA input.


Pioneer GM-D1004 ReviewBrief Overview of Sound Specifications

The Pioneer GM-D1004 class D 4-channel amplifier offers a 4 or 2 channel operation and offers an RMS power rating of 45 watts for 4 channels at 4 ohms and 45 watts for 4 channels at 2 ohms.

It produces 90 watts for 2 channels at 4 ohms, bridged. The signal to noise ratio of the Pioneer Mini Amplifier is 90 dB while the distortion is 0.05% as recorded at 4W, 1 kHz.


Pioneer GM-D1004 Pros and Cons


  • The amplifier comes with a limited warranty of 1 year
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Offers a decent level of power improvement
  • Compact design allows fitting it in tight spaces
  • Capable of handling two or four audio channels
  • Wiring is extremely simple with instruction manual
  • Maximum power of 400 W


  • Lacks the clear punch in dynamics as compared to other powerful amplifiers


About Pioneer Electronics

The Pioneer Mini Amplifier we reviewed is introduced by Pioneer Electronics Inc. with the Champion Series Pro Subwoofers. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, the company is a leading manufacturer of high-performance audio, video and computer equipment for car, home and business and has an experience of more than 75 years.

It has been introducing innovative products and technologies in the electronics industry. It offers an exclusive range of affordable yet powerful subwoofers and amplifiers to boost the music system of any vehicle.